New CAN Isolator for Fast Bidirectional Data Exchange

Press Release Summary:

  • AX021910 is designed for versatile control of up to four proportional outputs to directly drive coils or other loads

  • AX180800 provides the temperature information to the engine control system

  • Monitors exhaust temperature, winding temperature and fluid temperature

Original Press Release:

Axiomatic Technologies Corporation has Developed a Rugged Product Line Suited for use in Construction Equipment

October 3rd, 2022 – Mississauga, ON, Canada

The AX021910 8 Input, 5 Output Valve Controller (8i5o) is designed for versatile control of up to four proportional outputs to directly drive coils or other loads. Its flexible circuit design gives the user a wide range of configurable input or output types. The sophisticated control algorithms allow the user to program the controller for a wide range of applications without the need for custom software. It can be operated as either a self-contained control system, driving the outputs directly from the on-board inputs, and/or it can be integrated into an SAE J1939 network of controllers. All I/O and logical function blocks on the unit are inherently independent from one another but can be programmed to interact in many ways.

The AX180800 Temperature Scanner monitors up to 20 thermocouples and 2 RTD’s to provide the temperature information to the engine control system over SAE J1939 CAN bus. The channels are independently configurable as Type J, K, B, E, N, R, S or T thermocouples. Temperature information can include exhaust temperature, winding temperature, and fluid temperature monitoring. All 20 channels of temperature data are automatically sent over the CAN bus when power is applied with no additional programming or configuration required. There are 4 universal signal command inputs. The control sets 6 Form C relay outputs. Integral diagnostics determine thermocouple integrity. All inputs are fully isolated from the CAN lines, and from the power supply. The two CAN channels are fully isolated from one another in the hardware which allows for different CAN networks to be connected. In the software, each will also act independently where incoming or outgoing messages can be configured to receive or send on a specific CAN channel. Modbus TCP/IP communications are also available.

Finally, the AX141600 CAN isolator is a communication interface that allows for fast bidirectional data exchange between 6 CAN ports. It routes messages from Port X to Port Y based on message ID filter and can be configured as a switch to broadcast messages on all ports. It has configurable baud rate and a configurable termination resistor.


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