Nanocomposite Coating Service extends saw blade life.

Press Release Summary:

With ViTA-Nano coating, circular ferrous and non-ferrous saw blades offer extended life because edges are protected from steel build-up. Nanocomposite PVD coating, with thickness of 1-4 µm, offers hardness of 4,500 HV, 0.45 coefficient of friction, and maximum working temperature of 2,200°F.

Original Press Release:

New Nanocomposite Coated Saw Blades Offer 30% Improvement in Tool Life over Standard Coatings

BRUNSWICK, OH - ICO Surface Coatings, a Division of Tru-Cut Saw, has developed a new nanocomposite PVD coating that will increase blade life for circular ferrous and non-ferrous saw blades.

The new coating is called ViTA-Nano. Saw blades coated with this material will run a minimum of 30% faster with lower cycle times and increased production rates compared to AlTiN coatings.

Richard Otter, VP Sales ICO Coatings said, "Flying saw machines, re-cut machines and high production sawing machines will see immediate cost benefits in longer blade life when sawing with the ViTA-Nano coating. We're working hard to ramp up production and currently are PVD coating about 600 blades per day."

Here is a comparison with AlTiN:
                      ViTA-Nano               AlTiN
Hardness (HV) 4500 3600
Friction Coefficient 0.45 0.5
Thickness 1-4 um 1-4 um
Max working temp 1200°C (2200°F) 900°C (1650°F)

ViTA-Nano blades are more effective than AlTiN when sawing hardened steels, cast iron, aluminum and super alloys and are able to withstand temperatures that are 300°C - 550°F hotter. These new blades last longer because edges are protected for a longer period of time from steel build-up, which ultimately reduces tool life. ICO Surface Coatings recommends dry cutting with VITA-Nano blades to further reduce coolant costs.

Mr. Otter also mentioned the company's Research & Development Center is currently working on the next generation of super hard ViTA-CrX nanocomposite coatings for industrial sawing applications.

ICO Surface Coatings offers PVD coating and re-coating services for all types new and used tools and wear parts. Equipped with state-of-the-art coating chambers and carrousels, ICO offers both standard and special surface treatments. Standard coatings are: CrN, TiN, TiCN, AlTiN-ML, AlTiN-XL, AlTiCrN and TiAlCN Phoenix.(TM) Special and tool-specific coatings can be individually tailored to specific customer requirements. Coating chambers can handle part sizes up to 1250 mm OD x 700mm.

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