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Multiplexers offer low charge injection and leakage.

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Aug 14, 2012 - Along with 0.35 pC charge injection and 20 pA leakage, ADG5206 (16-channel) and ADG5207 (differential 8:1) feature trench isolation between N- and P-channel transistors of each CMOS switch that ensures latch-up protection for applications operating up to ±22 V. Additional properties include 3.5 pF off-source capacitance and 60 MHz, -3 dB bandwidth. Respectively, multiplexers operate from ±9 to ±22 V and +9 V to +40 V in applications where analog signal is bipolar and unipolar.

Analog Devices, Inc. - Norwood, MA

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Analog Devices' Multiplexers Offer High Robustness, Low Charge Injection and Low Leakage

Press release date: Aug 09, 2012

ADI's ADG5206/5207 16-channel and differential 8:1 multiplexers offer guaranteed latch-up protection for industrial, instrumentation and process control applications

NORWOOD, Mass.--Analog Devices, Inc., (ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications, today introduced two multiplexers that are able to guarantee latch-up prevention in high-voltage industrial applications operating up to ±22 V. Latch-up, an undesirable high-current state that persists until the power supply is turned off, can lead to device failure.

· View the ADG5206 16-channel multiplexer product page, order samples and evaluation boards and download the data sheet: · View the ADG5207 differential 8:1 multiplexer product page, order samples and evaluation boards and download the data sheet: · Read the Switch and Multiplexer Design Considerations for Hostile Environments technical article: · Get support at ADI's EngineerZone® online technical support community:

The ultra-low (0.35 pC) charge injection of the new multiplexers makes them suitable for data acquisition and sample-and-hold applications, where low glitch and fast settling time are required. The low leakage (20 pA) feature ensures high accuracy and resolution, which is an advantage in audio and video signal routing. The ADG5206 and ADG5207 multiplexers are the latest additions to ADI's switch and multiplexer protection products portfolio, which also includes the ADG5212 and ADG5213-the industry lowest charge injection and low leakage latch-up proof quad switches.

ADG5206 and ADG5207 Features · Trench isolation between the N-channel and P-channel transistors of each CMOS switch provides guaranteed latch-up protection · Operate from ±9 V to ±22 V in applications where the analog signal is bipolar and from +9 V to +40 V in applications where the analog signal is unipolar · Features 3.5-pF off-source capacitance, 60-MHz -3dB bandwidth, ultra-low charge injection (0.35 pC @ 0 V) and source off leakage (400 pA @ 125 °C) performance. · Operate equally well in both directions when ON and have an input signal range that extends to the power supplies. In the OFF condition, signal levels up to the supplies are blocked. The switches exhibit break-before-make switching action for use in multiplexer applications.

Pricing and Availability Samples and evaluation board are currently available.
 Part No.      Multiplexer      Availability      Price each in         Packaging               Channels                           1,000 quantities ADG5206       16               Now               $4.40                 28-lead TSSOP                                                                        & LFCSP ADG5207       Differential     Now               $4.40                 28-lead TSSOP               8                                                        & LFCSP
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