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EMCOTURN 420MC has 2 main spindles, 2 counter spindles, and 2 tool turrets. It handles simultaneous machining of two parts without interruption or collisions. Digital drives produce performance in both main spindle and X and Z axes. HYPERTURN 665MC combines 4 axis turning capability with Y and B axes, adjustable milling spindle, cross-roller linear guides, and easily accessible tool turrets. It can handle bar stock, shaft work, and chucking operations.

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EMCO Maier To Unveil Two New Products at IMTS 2002

COLUMBUS, Ohio-During the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago on September 4 through 11, EMCO Maier Corporation will unveil two new products including the EMCOTURN 420MC and the HYPERTURN 665MC. Both of these products are designed to provide users with superior part accuracy, surface finish, tool life and unsurpassed reliability.

"We are very excited to be able to provide our customers with these state-of-the-art products," said Mike Wicken, President of EMCO Maier Corporation. "As with all our products, we don't want our customers to have to make compromises when EMCO provides a price competitive solution that exceeds the capabilities and quality of other machine tool builders."

EMCOTURN 420MC Succeeds the Legendary EMCOTURN 425

After 10 years as an innovative CNC turning and milling solution, EMCO has developed a complete redesign, the EMCOTURN 420MC, with higher rapid traverse speeds in all axes (x/z: 472 ipm, x1/z1: 787 ipm), pretensioned cross-roller linear guide-ways and a more efficient drive motor (12 hp). The ET 420MC is really two machines in one. With two main spindles, two counter-spindles and two tool turrets integrated into one system, it guarantees maximum productivity without the loss of flexibility. And it's just as easy to operate as a conventional CNC lathe.

"The ET 420MC allows our customers to earn twice as much money as other machines because it can double their production rates by cutting run times in half," said Wicken. "This is accomplished in part by using a NC-axis for moving the counter spindles, which allows for considerably shorter transfer times from the main to the counter spindle."

The workspace is designed for simultaneous machining of two parts without interruption or collisions and it provides ample space to allow chips to drop and for coolant to return. Also, its impressive digital drives produce dynamic performance in both the main spindle and the X and Z-axes. The parts catcher, too, is a dual assembly and discharges the parts separately for each spindle, to ensure that all parts are paired with the appropriate measuring and correction data.

The ET 420 MC is controlled by a SIEMENS 840D and the programming is the same as a CNC lathe. The program for the second workpiece is simply transferred to the bottom system by means of a selector switch, making no additional programming necessary.

HYPERTURN 665MC Fuses 8 Axes with the Latest Technology for Machining Perfection

Debuting its HYPERTURN line, EMCO has developed a new product to assist its customers in boosting productivity in machining complex workpieces. The HYPERTURN 665MC combines true 4 axis turning capability with state-of-the-art Y and B axes plus the latest in control and drive technology to provide unique turning and milling solutions at affordable prices.

"Many times the flexibility and precision quality of a machine is achieved at the expense of productivity, but not with the HT 665MC," said Wicken. "With its powerful and adjustable milling spindle coupled with its cross-roller linear guides and easily assessable tool turrets, the HT 665MC can do just about anything and FAST."

The HYPERTURN is available in a variety of configurations having main and counter spindles, upper and lower tool turrets, Y and B axis, and/or an auto-tailstock. The machine is available for 1.75" and 2.5" bar-stock diameters, and standard chuck sizes of 8" or 10", respectively. The distance between the main spindle and the counter-spindle is 39". In other words, these machines are designed to handle bar stock, shaft work and chucking operations. Automatic loaders and un-loaders were developed as integral modules for the HYPERTURN.

The main spindle boasting up to 39 hp/184 ft. lbs. of torque and the counter spindle up to 29.5 hp/96 ft. lbs. are both integrated spindle motors from SIEMENS. These spindles provide cutting-edge synchronization technology to ensure outstanding dynamics and exceptional torque in a compact package. Liquid cooling and automatic temperature control peg the temperatures of all spindle motors at a constant level.

The core of the machine bed is made of HYDROPOL®, a composite material consisting of special polymer concrete enclosed in a ribbed steel welded frame that provides numerous advantages over conventional materials, resulting in improved surface quality, more precise manufacturing tolerances and a longer tool life. In addition, the Y axis of the HT 665MC is designed to drive the cutting forces over two guide planes with travel speeds of +/-50 mm, resulting in outstanding rigidity for all turning and milling operations as well as off-center milling and drilling capabilities.

The HYPERTURN has two alternatives for B-axis solutions, the Quickmill and Powermill, giving users options that best fit their requirements.

The Quickmill offers a B-axis with extensive cutting capabilities in conjunction with its Y-axis. The upper turret changes tools in a mere 0.14 seconds swiveling to any position within a 45-degree arc. All 12 tool stations allow driven tools of 9 hp, 0-4000 rpm, and 18 ft. lbs. of torque. The combination of an axial holder, radial holder and 45 degree holder gives tools the ability to reach any angle within a 180 degree range.

The Powermill configuration has a milling spindle with a hollow shaft motor that takes the place of the upper turret featuring 13.4 hp, 0-8000 rpm, and 29.5 ft. lbs. of torque. The B axis travels in a 200 degree arc and changes tools fast at only 4 seconds. The tool changer is a 24-tool magazine with Capto C4 holders, allowing for enormous versatility and stock removal capability, making it particularly suitable for the complete machining of complex workpeices that call for high-grade milling.

The HYPERTURN series from EMCO is an exciting development from high-performance lathe to multi-functional machine tool. The modular design generates the cost benefits that customers in the industry want. Once again, EMCO has proven that it's truly an innovative machine tool company.

EMCO Maier is a manufacturer of high quality, high performance CNC machine tools. With its headquarters based in Europe, EMCO has more that 50 years of experience in the machine tool industry and has evolved into one of the top producers of technically advanced, high-accuracy CNC lathes and mills for both the industrial and educational markets.

For over 20 years, EMCO Maier Corporation, a subsidiary of EMCO, has been providing high quality, cost competitive CNC turning and milling solutions from its sales, training, service and application facility based in Columbus, Ohio.

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