Motor Controller drives unipolar stepper motors.

Press Release Summary:

Easy-Step(TM) 3000 motor drive and control system drives unipolar stepper motors in full 2-phase, full 1-phase, and half-step modes up to 35 V and 3 A/phase. Direct command set, slave/remote pulse mode, voltage mode, and teach mode operations are all supported. Measuring 63.6 x 26.4 mm, drive also features store and replay; selectable pull-in rate and maximum step rate; and adjustable ramp time to suit varying loads, motors, and operating voltages.

Original Press Release:

Easy Step Unipolar Stepper Motor Controllers Make You a Motor Control Expert

Pittsford, NY. Easy-Step(TM) 3000 is an advanced stepper motor drive and control system that provides an easy way to control unipolar stepper motors up to 35V and 3 Amps per phase with sophisticated features. Easy-Step(TM) 3000's small size and large capabilities make it ideal for incorporating in robots and other industrial control equipment - it also turns you into an instant motor control expert!

Easy-Step(TM) 3000 - only 63.6 x 26.4 mm - can drive unipolar stepper motors in full 2-phase, full 1-phase and half-step modes using an easy-to-use command set. Four modes of operation are supported:
- Direct Command Set (via PC serial connection)
- Slave/Remote - Pulse Mode (Step and direction pin inputs)
- Voltage Mode (Analogue Voltage pin input)
- Teach Mode (via PC serial connection)

Easy-Step(TM) 3000 offers a host of advanced motor control capabilities, such as: store and replay, smooth acceleration, selectable pull-in rate and maximum step rate, adjustable ramp time to suit varying loads/motors/operating voltages, Separate winding supplies to allow "forcing" resistors, demo and set-up/control software, current position register +/- 100,000,000,000 steps, home and mark position registers, absolute and relative move commands, busy logic output, as well as the ability to stop with motor coils on or off.

Easy-Step(TM) 3000 Starter Package is available from stock and includes: ES3000 Stepper Motor Controller, PC serial cable, PC ISP (Interactive System Programmer), User Reference Guide, Serial Communications Protocol software. Priced from $89 (qty 1) from Saelig Co. Inc. (585-385-1750; -1768 fax;;

Further details: Alan Lowne, Saelig Company Inc. 585-385-1750 o fax -1768
1160-D2 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Pittsford NY 14534 USA

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