Motion Sensor Controller protects production line equipment.

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Transporter Motion Sensor controller automatically shuts down production line machinery, within 6 sec, whenever air pressure to conveying system is interrupted to protect equipment and valuable material. Unit incorporates pneumatic control technology and electronic circuitry and controls Vibro's Model 250, 320, 450, and 850 Air-Operated Transporter conveying systems.

Original Press Release:

New Transporter Motion Sensor Controller Protects Production Line Equipment and Materials

PORT ROYAL PA, August, 2003 - Vibro Industries, makers of all air-operated Transporter conveying systems, is pleased to announce the introduction of its re-designed Transporter Motion Sensor controller. The Transporter Motion Sensor controller automatically shuts down production line machinery (within 6 seconds) whenever air pressure to the conveying system is interrupted, protecting equipment and valuable material. Its design incorporates new pneumatic control technology and electronic circuitry, and is now offered at half the price of previous models.

Designed to control Vibro's Model 250, 320, 450 and 850 Air-Operated Transporter conveying system, its simple operation and rugged construction make the Transporter Motion Sensor a reliable and cost effective choice for all pneumatic operating systems. The unit complements Vibro's complete line of conveying systems accessories, including Cover Guards for harsh environments, Quick Clamps for fastening trays and Adjustable Bearing Supports for unrestricted movement.

Vibro Industries, headquartered in Port Royal, PA, manufactures a premium line of Air-Operated Transporters - the only transporter line that is 100% air operated and 100% American made. Leroy Johnson, president, introduced the first Vibro Air-Operated Transporter in 1985, following 12 years of extensive experimentation and rigorous testing. Since that time, Vibro Air-Operated Transporters have been successfully applied to a long list of manufacturing applications around the world.

In the months ahead, look for the announcement of the introduction of our re-engineered Model 850 Air-Operated Transporter, now in field testing.

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