Motion Control Products improve performance of automation systems.

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Able to utilize MECHATROLINK-III motion network and utilize its cycle time and network connectivity, MP3300iec machine controller makes automated equipment more responsive by boosting processing speed and memory capacity. MotionWorks IEC v3 software fosters effective automation programming via support for PLCopen Part 4, built-in cam editor, HMI tagging tool, and logic analyzer. As remote I/O solution, VIPA SLIO system accelerates and facilitates addition of power and signal capability.

Original Press Release:

Yaskawa Introduces MP3300iec, VIPA SLIO and MotionWorks IEC v3

New Controller, I/O and software products combine to improve automation performance

Waukegan, Ill. – The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. announces the release of three new motion control products. Each of the new devices is designed to improve the performance of automation systems, and to compound the improvement in system effectiveness when used in combination.

• The MP3300iec machine controller makes automated equipment more responsive by boosting both processing speed and memory capacity, lifting both parameters to the highest levels in the motion control industry. In addition, MP3300iec has the ability to utilize MECHATROLINK-III motion network and take advantage of the new version’s improvements in cycle time and network connectivity.

• MotionWorks IEC version 3 software makes automation programming faster, easier and more effective with features including support for PLCopen Part 4, a built-in cam editor, an HMI tagging tool, an enhanced logic analyzer and long list of other improvements.

• The VIPA SLIO system is a remote I/O solution that makes the addition of power and signal capability quicker and easier.

The benefits of the machine controller, I/O system and software package are further enhanced when MP3300, SLIO and MotionWorks V3 are used in conjunction with one another. A capability built into the latest version of MotionWorks automatically configures VIPA SLIO modules that are added to the network, relieving programmers of the tedious task of manually entering a system’s I/O data into operating software. The processing speed of the MP3300iec is increased to nearly double the rate of the previous generation of processors, an improvement that is used to full advantage when paired with the added features built into the latest version of MotionWorks. The result of is an improvement of 50% to 100% in network speeds. In addition to functioning effectively under MECHATROLINK-III, MP3300 and SLIO were created to work with full efficiency on EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP networks.

“We think of these three products as the first of a new generation,” said Jacky Wong, the Product Engineering and Marketing Manager in charge of the introduction. “Each is backward compatible with the vast majority of Yaskawa components our customers are already successfully using, yet they represent a true step forward in capability,” he noted. Wong added that the development of the three new products was spurred by a rapid increase in customer demand for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). “Speed, performance and ease of use are very important, but today’s users are also focused on how fast they will see a return on their automation investment,” he said. “We created these products not just to raise the bar, but to improve performance in ways that will have an impact on a customer’s bottom line.”

About Yaskawa

The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. manufactures industrial automation equipment. Its products include industrial AC drives; commercial HVAC drives; spindle drives and motors; servo amplifier systems and machine controllers; and low-voltage industrial control switches. The company's products are used in automotive, building automation, chemical and petrochemical, food and beverage, machine tool, material handling, metal forming, packaging, pharmaceutical, solar, plastics and rubber, and textile applications. Yaskawa America’s Motoman Robotics Division makes industrial robots that can weld, assemble, cut and handle goods for manufacturers.

Yaskawa America, Inc. employs more than 1,000 people at its headquarters in Waukegan, IL, its manufacturing facilities in Buffalo Grove, IL and Oak Creek, WI, and in offices across the United States. For more information about MP3300iec, MotionWorks IEC Version 3 and VIPA SLIO, please visit our website at

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