MOSFET suits high-power density and low loss applications.

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Supplied in TO-247 package, Super-Junction FDmesh II model STW55NM60ND combines optimized switching performance and on-resistance (0.060 W) to meet needs of efficiency-focused applications. Peak drain current of 51 A allows one 600 V N-channel MOSFET to replace multiple components in converters for space-constrained applications, while dv/dt rating lends to reliability during switching.

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Second-Generation Super-Junction FDmesh Architecture Targets Applications Requiring High Power Density and Ultra-Low Losses

Geneva, May 06,2008 - STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a world leader in semiconductor devices for power applications, has announced a new family of fast-recovery MOSFETs that combine enhanced switching performance with on-resistance improved by more than 18% over existing devices, to meet the needs of efficiency-focused applications, including renewable-energy controllers.

The first device in the new Super-Junction FDmesh II family is the STW55NM60ND, a 600V N-channel MOSFET offering the industry's best on-resistance of 0.060 Ohms for fast-recovery MOSFETs in the standard TO-247 package. The peak drain current of 51A allows one MOSFET to replace multiple components in converters for space-constrained applications such as telecom and server systems. Combined with savings in thermal management due to reduced losses, this allows designers to significantly increase power density.

To deliver these performance enhancements, ST has improved its FDmesh super-junction architecture by combining a vertical structure with the conventional strip MOSFET, which also features a faster and more rugged intrinsic body diode. In addition to reducing on-resistance and recovery time, further improvements increase switching efficiency and save driving losses by reducing gate capacitance, gate charge and gate input resistance. The devices also have high dv/dt rating for higher reliability during switching, particularly in bridge-type topologies including Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) under light-load conditions.

Future devices to be introduced using this architecture will provide additional package options and current ratings, combined with the industry's best on-resistance for fast-recovery MOSFETs in each respective package. These include the STP30NM60ND, rated to 25A drain current and achieving 0.13 Ohms on-resistance in the TO-220 package. The STD11NM60ND for applications up to 10A has 0.45 Ohms on-resistance in the surface-mount DPAK package. ST will progressively introduce additional devices in the FDmesh II series, providing an extensive range of voltage and current ratings in industry-standard power packages.

The STW55NM60ND is now available in production volumes at $10 in quantities of 1000 units and higher.

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