Module aids in taking conductive AFM measurements.

Press Release Summary:

Working with MFP-3D(TM) AFM System, ORCA(TM) enables current measurements in range of hundreds of femtoamps to nearly 1 microamp. Module consists of cantilever holder that includes transimpedance amplifier. User can choose gain of amplifier, and standard values range from 5 x 107 to 5 x 109 V/A. Module is suited for characterizing dielectric and ferro-electric films, nanotubes, or conductive polymers.

Original Press Release:

Asylum Research Announces ORCA(TM)-A New Module for Conductive AFM Imaging

June 3, 2004 (Santa Barbara, CA) Asylum Research, a manufacturer of atomic force microscopes (AFMs), introduces a new module, ORCA, for conductive AFM measurements using the MFP-3D(TM) AFM System. Conductive AFM is a powerful current-sensing technique for electrical characterization of conductivity variations in resistive samples.

ORCA allows current measurements in the range of hundreds of femtoamps to nearly a microamp, and provides a wide range of current measurement options with near Johnson Noise-limited performance. The ORCA module consists of a specially designed cantilever holder that includes a transimpedance amplifier. The user can choose the gain of the amplifier. Standard values range from 5x107 to 5x109 volts/amp. The cantilever holder is used with conductive AFM probes to make the measurement.

ORCA is ideal for characterizing a variety of materials such as dielectric films, ferro-electric films, nanotubes, or conductive polymers (see attached image example).

Asylum Research manufactures advanced scientific instrumentation, including AFMs/ SPMs (Scanning Probe Microscopes), for nanoscale science and technology. (An AFM/SPM is one of the premier instruments used for measuring surfaces and surface properties at the nanometer level). For additional information, please contact Terry Mehr, Director of Marketing, Asylum Research, 341 Bollay, Santa Barbara, CA 93117, 805-685-7077,

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