Modular Incremental Encoder uses capacitive technology.

Press Release Summary:

Supplied in RoHS-compliant package with 9 mm profile, AMT series includes radially mounted AMT102 and axially mounted AMT103. Both models have index pulse as well as onboard dip switch with 16 selectable resolution options from 48-2,048 ppr. Output is TTL voltage, and operating temperature is -40 to +100°C. Consuming 6 mA, products are resistant to magnetic influence, have frequency range to 250 kHz, and can serve as drop-in replacement for other industry-standard optical units.

Original Press Release:

Capacitive Encoders AMT 102 and AMT 103

MICROMO ELECTRONICS, INC. announces the release of its AMT series modular incremental encoder, designed with proprietary, capacitive, code-generating technology that represents a breakthrough in cost vs. resolution. AMT102 or 103 comes standard with an onboard dip switch with 16 selectable resolution options ranging from 48 to 2048 PPR. It also includes an index pulse as a standard feature. The output is TTL voltage and the operating temperature is -40 °C to 100 °C. The AMT is available in two mounting options: AMT102 is radial and AMT103 is axial.

The AMT is unique among modular incremental encoders because it is capacitive (the same technology used in digital calipers) and not optical. This eliminates handling of the sensitive optical disk and issues related to LED burnout from the photo diode.

Other benefits of the AMT include low current consumption (less than 10mA), the broad operating temperature range (-40 °C to 100 °C), low-profile (9mm), light-weight mechanical design, RoHS compliancy, and high resolution (2048PPR) for the package size. The design is a drop-in replacement for other industry standard optical units, but is easier to assemble and approximately half the height.

The AMT encoder is paired with many FAULHABER DC MOTORS from 22 mm through 32 mm diameters. Large size motors are available as well as brushless BLDC offerings. Cables and connectors in a variety of standard requirements are also available. Additional criteria include the following:

48 to 2048 cycles per revolution
Low current consumption (6mA)
3 channel output
Frequency range to 250 kHz
Resistant to magnetic influence

For more information and complete technical specs, contact a MicroMo Electronics, Inc. Application Engineer at 800-807-9166 or send an email to

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