Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America and Federal Broach Jointly Exhibit at IMTS 2012

- To Pursue the Global Market with Proposal-based Marketing Approach -

NEW YORK - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. - Following its acquisition of Federal Broach Holdings, LLC in April, 2012, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) is presenting its machine tools and cutting tools in collaboration with Federal Broach at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) from September 10-15 in Chicago, Illinois. The joint MHIA - Federal Broach exhibit is located at Booth N-7046 in the North Building of McCormick Place. In addition, MHIA has a separate booth dedicated to its Large Double Column Machining Center at Booth S-9126 in the South Building.

IMTS attracts manufacturers and users from around the world, setting the scene for active business negotiations. MHIA aims to expand its proposal-based marketing approach to potential customers at IMTS 2012, with expectations of order receipts during the exhibition.

Going forward, MHIA and its parent company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), will aggressively explore demand from customers seeking enhanced production efficiency and machining accuracy in the automotive and aircraft industries, and will support them through machining systems combining the technologies of the MHI and Federal Broach. Through the integration of its business operations with those of Federal Broach, MHI looks to explore global markets leveraging the two companies' respective business strengths. Major targets are automotive-related industries and manufacturers of jet engines and turbines that use the broaches and broach machines produced by Federal Broach, as well as users of automotive, construction and industrial machinery in the Asian markets, where MHI enjoys a position of solid strength.

Together the two companies will offer potential customers proposals on various machine tools and cutting tools, including gear cutting machinery, as well as know-how in selecting optimum machining technology. This approach is designed to help customers extend their range of machining process choices according to their specific needs: for example, enhancement of mass-production capability, greater machining accuracy or cost reductions. In addition, integration of the two companies' production and production-control technologies will enable shorter delivery periods and provision of finely tuned servicing and support leveraging their respective operating bases.

At IMTS 2012, MHIA and Federal Broach will jointly propose systems capable for high-speed precision machining of workpieces, including gears. MHIA will present its "MVR30," a double-column 5-face milling machine, and two gear cutting machines: the "SE25A," a dry-cut gear shaping machine, and the "ZE40A," a universal gear grinding machine capable of numerically controlled (NC) high-precision machining of post-heat treatment gears. The MVR30 provides highly accurate, high-speed machining and has an abundant delivery track record, mainly for machining of metallic molds for automobile parts and parts used in various large-size machines. The ZE40A is capable of accommodating both generating grinding and profile grinding and can be applied to machining of diverse workpieces. Federal Broach will exhibit various cutting tools: helical broaches used to process the inner teeth of helical gears, which are found in the automatic transmission gears of motor vehicles, and "pine tree" type broaches, which are used primarily for machining grooves that mate blades and turbine discs in the fabrication of jet engines and turbines for power generation plants.

MHI is one of a few global companies that can handle both machine tools and cutting tools. Leveraging this advantage, the company has developed various innovative products and technologies, including the world's first "dry-cut gear machining system." The markets and products of MHI and Federal Broach are highly complementary, with more than 95% of MHI's machine tool and cutting tool sales coming from Asia and about 80% of Federal Broach's sales emanating from North America and Europe. Going forward the two companies intend to continue strengthening their collaboration to precisely respond to needs of customers.

About MHIA

MHIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Japan) Divisions include Transportation Systems, Tire Machinery, Aircraft Product Support, Corrugating and Printing Machinery, Machine Tools, Environmental Systems and Injection Molding Machinery. MHIA affiliates include Mitsubishi Engine North America, Inc., Mitsubishi Power Systems America, Inc., Intercontinental Jet Service Corp. and Crystal Mover Services, Inc.

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