Mini Slides provide precision in handling and assembly.

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SLF low profile slides employ integral, parallel pneumatic actuator and double-row cage ball bearings. They are available with 6, 10 and 16mm bore sizes, and stroke range of 10 to 30mm, 10 to 50mm and 10 to 80mm, respectively. SLS slides can be installed in tight spaces, due to narrow design and centerline thrust configuration. Twin piston style SLT slides utilize inline, double-row ball bearings on single profiled guide rail.

Original Press Release:

Festo's Mini Slide Units Bring Precision to Pneumatics In Handling and Assembly Technology

Festo Corporation's Handling and Assembly Technology (HAT)
systems are based on a key word, "precision." Precision, not only in the large stroke, high-force and rugged pneumatic linear positioning equipment, introduced under the acronym " HAT, " but also, the precision in smaller pneumatic mini slides performing highly intricate tasks while positioning a vast array of sensors, probes, end-effectors and tools used in conjunction with HAT.

The SLF, a low profile unit which employs integral, parallel
pneumatic actuator (side drive), and precision double-row caged ball bearings to provide extremely accurate travel, with high resistance to rotational moments, while offering up to 80 mm stroke (16mm bore). These units are available with 6, 10 and 16 mm bore sizes, and stroke range of 10 to 30 mm, 10 to 50mm and 10 to 80mm, respectively.

The SLS design, has the capability to be installed in tight
quarters, due to its narrow design and centerline thrust configuration. The actuator, which is positioned directly under the units double-row inline bearing and guide rail system, drives a narrow right-angle slide (L-shaped). This configuration enables the SLS to offer at least 50% more resistance to pitch, yaw and roll errors than most of its competitors.

The twin piston style SLT slide unit, also utilizes inline, double-row ball bearings on a single profiled guide rail (centrally positioned) in an efficient configuration. This group of mini slides offers more models (longer stroke lengths) than other competitive models of the same bore size. This efficiency can be attributed to their bearing and dual actuator drive system. The design also enables the unit to operate faster in
colder environments that it leading competitor, and within the smaller models (6mm bore with strokes to 30mm), the SLT is capable of handling higher rotational moments.

These highly engineered, instrument grade slides are suitable for
installation in any orientation, and they can be easily mounted Festo's HAT systems, or they can stand alone in applications where precision motion is required.

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