Microscopes work in workshops or labs.

Press Release Summary:

Model 31121 microscope has dual scale reticle graduated in both inches and millimeters. Vertical adjustment knob sharpens subject image. Cut-away opening at base facilitates subject manipulation. Unit has rack and pinion focusing and vertically adjustable battery operated penlight illuminator. Models are available with 100X, 60X and 40X magnification with field of view of 1.4, 3.25 and 4.25mm, and working distance of 5.5, 23.9 and 23.9mm, respectively.

Original Press Release:

Deluxe Illuminated Direct Measuring Microscopes

* 100X, 60X, 40X Models * Inch/Metric Reticle

For quick and precise measurements in workshops or laboratories. Each microscope features a dual scale reticle graduated in both inches and millimeters. A turn of the eyepiece brings the reticle into sharp focus. A vertical adjustment knob sharpens the subject image. A cut-away opening at the base facilitates subject manipulation. Rack and pinion focusing. Each also includes a vertically adjustable battery operated penlight illuminator that can be removed for use elsewhere. Weight: 1.1 lbs. Height: 8.5"

Magnification: 100X, 60X, 40X
Field of View: 1.4mm, 3.25mm, 4.25mm
Working Distance: 5.5mm, 23.9mm, 23.9mm
Reticle Range: 0-0.05", 0-0.10", 0-0.10"
0-1 mm, 0-2.4mm, 0-3mm
Increments: 0.001", 0.001", 0.001"
0.01 mm 0.02mm 0.02mm

100X Microscope #31121-00 $229.95
60X Microscope #31121-01 $229.95
40X Microscope #31121-02 $229.95

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