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Biomedical routine and research microscope lines include models DM LS2 and DM LB2 upright microscopes, which are ergonomically designed for user comfort. Offerings include Advanced Ergo Tube that provides adjustable viewing angle, telescopic eyepieces that adapt to users' physical characteristics, and Ergo-Lift height adjustable microscope plate with flexible hand rests. Coaxial drive knobs are available with easy-grip plastic caps.

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Leica Microsystems Inc. Introduces New Ergonomic Laboratory Microscopes, Leica DM LS2 and DM LB2

April, 2003 Contact: Molly Lundberg, Director, Communications Phone (847) 405-7026, Fax (847) 405-0164 Leica Microsystems expands its innovative product line of biomedical routine and research microscopes and is pleased to introduce the new Leica DM LS2 and DM LB2 upright microscopes, successors of the popular Leica DM LS and DM LB. The new DM LS2 and DM LB2 microscopes are ergonomically designed to be particularly user friendly. The most striking feature in this respect is the new Advanced Ergo Tube, with adjustable viewing angle and telescopic eyepieces that adapt to the physical characteristics of the individual user to provide relaxed working conditions. Considerable reduction of back and shoulder strain is also achieved with Leica's Ergo-Lift, a height adjustable microscope plate with flexible hand rests. In addition, the coaxial drive knobs are thicker and longer for more comfortable handling. Easy-grip plastic caps are available for these knobs and for the focus knob. The longer condenser lever also makes it easier to switch the condenser lens. The new microscopes were developed on the basis of a study conducted by The Fraunhofer Institute, a leading European research organization for technical and organizational engineering innovations. The DM LS2 and DM LB2 with new ergonomic features are an effective addition to the wide range of products supplied by Leica Microsystems, and a reflection of the company's goal of making routine research more comfortable to microscope users.

For more information, contact: Leica Microsystems Inc. Toll Free (800) 248-0123 2345 Waukegan Road Telephone (847) 405-0123 Bannockburn IL 60015 Fax (847) 405-0164 news@leica-microsystems.com www.leica-microsystems.com

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