Microscope accelerates workflow in clinical laboratories.

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Featuring Intelligent Automation, Model DM3000 allows users to concentrate on specimen without being distracted by complex microscope settings. Toggle mode enables user to quickly switch between any 2 of 6 objectives. Microscope automatically restores user's preferred light intensity for each objective whenever magnification is changed. Ergonomic design lets users assume natural posture, and all operating controls are positioned to ensure minimal strain.

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Leica Microsystems Offers Increased Throughput for Clinical Microscopy Based on Intelligent Automation

Bannockburn, Illinois. Faster, easier to use, and more precise: The new Leica DM3000 microscope with Intelligent Automation accelerates workflow in clinical laboratories while ensuring a relaxed working posture, which results in more reliable screening.

The Leica DM3000 automates objective changing for pathological screening. As the latest addition to Leica's DM Clinical Microscope Series, the DM3000 utilizes the same ergonomic design principles; users assume a natural, relaxed posture while working with the microscope. All operating controls of the microscope are well-positioned to ensure minimal strain on the hands, shoulders, and back, even after hours of extended microscope use.

The Leica DM3000 supports Leica's Intelligent Automation concept: Users can concentrate fully on the specimen without being distracted by complex microscope settings. A unique feature of the new Leica DM3000 is a toggle mode, which allows the user to quickly switch between any two of the six objectives. The remaining four objectives are still available whenever other magnifications are required. The toggle mode is particularly useful for cytology applications that require frequent switching between 10x and 40x magnifications. Six different objectives can be individually selected using the control buttons economically positioned behind the focus controls or using an optional foot pedal.

The Leica DM3000's automated features increase work efficiency and save time. For example, objectives can be changed in only half a second at the touch of a button. When using 10x or lower magnification objectives, the condenser head automatically swings out and returns into position for higher magnifications. The microscope also automatically restores the uder's preferred light intensity for each objective whenever the magnification is changed. The brightness remains constant for the user, which prevents eyestrain from strong changes in light intensity. The DM3000 also features a modern USB2 port for data communication with computers for image processing and other applications.

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