Microfinishing Attachment improves surface finish on any material.

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Microstar Microfinisher is independently controlled, mounts to any lathe or grinder, and is available in 115 or 250 Vac versions. It uses abrasive film, backed by oscillating platen in contact with workpiece. Abrasive film, available in range of grades and standard 2, 4, and 8 in. widths, is automatically indexed from 150 ft roll and can move in either direction without clutch, gearing, or electrical changes. Film speed from 0-8 ipm assures precise finish control.

Original Press Release:

New Microfinishing Attachment for Lathes Achieves Improved Surface Finishes on Any Material

IMPCO Machine Tools introduces a new microfinishing attachment for lathes that will allow shops to achieve in minutes any specified, measurable finish repeatably and consistently for a fraction of the cost of a lathe or stand-alone machine. With the new Microstar Series Microfinishers, manufacturers can achieve any finish: Ra, Rz, Rt, bearing area-even less than 1 Ra optical mirror finishes. One of the key advantages of the Microstar is its capability to use the patented IMPCO GBQ (Generating Bearing Quality) microfinishing process.

The Microstar is said to be up to 50% more productive than other finishing processes and much more consistent. With the device, abrasive film microfinishing is applied to small diameter parts and rolls up to 20 ft diameter. Microstar can be effectively used to microfinish process a wide range of material, from soft rubbers and urethanes to tungsten carbide and hard coatings.

Independently controlled, the Microstar microfinisher easily mounts to any lathe or grinder and is available in right or left-hand designs. Microstar is available with 115 or 230 VAC, and is CE and CSA approved.

Flexible processing, better surface finishes on any material
Microstar uses abrasive film, backed by an oscillating platen, in contact with the workpiece to achieve desired finishes. A variety of quick-change platens permit flexible processing with a single microfinisher:
o IMPCO GBQ shoe platens can be used to simultaneously improve surface finish and geometry on smaller parts
o Roller platens for general finishing
o Flat platens remove chatter and traverse surface defects typical of grinding on larger rolls
o Slack platens are used for soft materials

Process control to obtain a range of finishes.
Control of the abrasive is the key to achieving consistent results. The abrasive film, available in a wide range of grades and standard 2", 4", and 8" widths, is automatically indexed from a 150 ft roll and can move in either direction without clutch, gearing or electrical changes to achieve various finishes. Film speed from 0-8 IPM assures precise finish control. Variable oscillation frequency from 0-20 strokes a second and an adjustable oscillation stroke allows Microstar to rapidly obtain the desired finish.

IMPCO said it will provide easy to follow start-up assistance and process information, and 24-7 customer support to help users produce better quality surfaces more consistently and more efficiently than ever before.

IMPCO Machine Tools, Lansing, MI, is a leading designer and builder of microfinishing machines and systems.


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