Metalworking Fluid is compatible with wide range of materials.

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Designed to perform well in multi-metal, multi-operational job shops, semi-synthetic low-odor TRIM® SC520 uses EP-additive package to control built-up edge and improve tool life. Wetting and cooling characteristics are appropriate for high-speed milling and turning operations, while degree of lubricity suits down-the-hole operations in aluminum, cast iron, and most steels. Able to control chip welding on soft, gummy materials, fluid will also reject tramp oils.

Original Press Release:

New General-Purpose Semisynthetic TRIM® SC520 Offers Great Value to Customers

Budget-minded job shops will be particularly pleased with this new, customer-driven, value-priced, versatile, semisynthetic metalworking fluid upgrade from Master Chemical Corporation. By listening to their customers and developing new technologies, Master Chemical has been able to produce a significant upgrade to its popular TRIM(r) SC200. TRIM(r) SC520 provides lower odor, lower cost, and improved sump life compared to other value-priced, general-purpose semisynthetics.

Perrysburg, Ohio, October 6, 2009-Master Chemical Corporation is pleased to introduce a new, low-cost, low-odor, improved sump life, value-priced, semisynthetic metalworking fluid. TRIM SC520 uses a proven EP-additive package to control built-up edge and improve tool life. It performs well in multi-metal, multi-operational job shops. SC520 has the wetting and cooling characteristics necessary for superior machining results on high-speed milling and turning operations. It provides sufficient lubricity to do down-the-hole operations in aluminum, cast iron, and most steels, including many stainless steels. SC520 controls chip welding on soft, gummy materials like aluminum. SC520 will reject tramp oils rapidly which will help provide good sump life in "stand-alone" machine tools. Part of its value proposition is that it is compatible with a very wide range of materials including cast iron, steels, copper, and aluminum alloys as well as most plastics and composites.

SC520 has low-to-moderate foam with normal low-pressure "flood" type coolant operations. SC520 is easily recycled or disposed of using conventional techniques and equipment.

"We have been listening to our customers and we have made significant technological advances which has allowed us to create a lower-odor and improved sump life version of our general purpose semisynthetic SC200. TRIM SC520 meets the changing and demanding needs of our job shop customers without increasing their coolant spend," stated Dave Barned, Director-Global Marketing, Master Chemical Corporation.

"We received a lot of feedback from existing SC200 customers that they really liked its performance but that it had a strong odor. When SC520 went out to test sites, I was really pleased to hear reports from customers about how it had little-to-no offensive odor, commented Conalisa Murphy, Formula Optimization Technologist at Master Chemical Corporation. Murphy went on to say, "Our test sites also were pleased that SC520 lasted longer before needing to be recharged. Another customer told me that SC520 runs great, especially for big cut jobs that they were doing on cast iron and mild steels."

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Master Chemical Corporation was founded on November 13, 1951. Since then, working closely with the worldwide metalworking community, Master Chemical Corporation has developed and marketed a full line of specialty cutting and grinding fluids, cutting oils, concentrated washing and cleaning compounds, and rust preventives all under the TRIM(r) Brand trademark. These products are both environmentally sound and when used in conjunction with Master Chemical's XYBEX(r) Coolant Recycling and Filtration Systems, are the most durable and stable products available anywhere today. Master Chemical has always been committed to the safety of the people who use our products, the protection of our planet, the environment we live in, and the overall impact on our customers' profitability.

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