Medical Puller helps hospital workers position beds.

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Measuring only 13 in. high, battery-driven ERGOtug M² slides under one end of bed, while automatic hitch slightly lifts 2 of bed's wheels off ground. Operator can reposition bed using controls on handle to turn, stop, back up, or go forward. ERGOtug M² can remain attached to bed frames during transport in elevators. It offers load capacity up to 1,800 lb and maximum speed of 4.5 fps.

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ERGOtug Medical Mover (M²) Reduces Hospital Worker Injuries

CENTERVILLE, MN (May 18, 2004) - Minnesota-based ERGOtech, Inc. has found a way to move hospital beds quickly and easily without the injury-causing stresses associated with moving such awkward, heavy loads.

The solution is the ERGOtug M², a compact, battery-drive technology that requires no additional hitches or modifications to the bed. Only 13 inches high, the ERGOtug Medical Mover slides easily under one end of the bed and the automatic hitch slightly lifts two of the bed's wheels off the ground. The operator then repositions the bed, using the controls on the handle of the ERGOtug M² to turn, stop, back up or go forward.

Using the ERGOtug M², operators are able to move beds with minimum effort and maximum control and safety. A unique automatic hitch locks onto virtually all bed frames ensuring a secure connection between bed and mover during transport. The ultra compact design allows the ERGOtug M² to remain attached to bed frames even during transport in elevators. The puller has a load capacity up to 1,800 pounds and a maximum speed of about 4.5 feet per second.

In addition to the ERGOtug M², ERGOtech also makes load-moving equipment for use in manufacturing plants, warehouses and similar sites. Their line of ergonomic load handlers has been recognized with the INNOVA Award presented by the Specialty Vehicle association for innovation in the design and manufacture of equipment and components for transport, passenger and other types of special-purpose vehicles.

ERGOtech, located in Centerville, MN, markets its products through a nationwide distributor network. Visit, call 651-762-9629 or email

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