Mazak to Spotlight Precise, Small-Footprint Machining Solutions at PMTS 2013

Attendees to discover efficient Multi-Tasking and high-value 5-axis capabilities for various applications FLORENCE, Ky., Feb. 8, 2013 - At the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS), taking place April 16 - 18 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Ohio, Mazak will spotlight two small-footprint machines that are big on providing precision, productivity and profitability to shops across all industry segments in booth 349.

Throughout the show, PMTS attendees will experience real-world cutting demonstrations on the highly efficient HYPER QUADREX 150MSY Multi-Tasking Turning Center and high-value VERTICAL CENTER UNIVERSAL 400-5X 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center. Mazak personnel will also be available to provide attendees with technical advice on how to improve throughput and shorten lead times using these machines.

The HYPER QUADREX 150MSY and VERTICAL CENTER UNIVERSAL 400-5X both feature Mazakʼs new MATRIX 2 CNC control that uses advanced technology to provide extremely fast processing speed, excellent cornering, superior part surface finishes and reduced cycle times. Furthermore, the CNC control brings unbeatable accuracy and increased productivity to highly complex applications requiring Multi-Tasking operations; full, simultaneous 5-axis machining; and the incorporation of automation.

The MATRIX 2 CNC control is a Level 3 control in Mazakʼs 3-4-5 “The Next Level of Productivity” manufacturing solution. The 3-4-5 solution is the industryʼs most comprehensive grouping of manufacturing resources and one that encompasses 3 Levels of Control, 4 Levels of Automation and 5 Levels of Multi-Tasking. 3-4-5 allows manufacturers to effectively identify the right level of technology needed for improving their specific operations and advancing productivity to the next level.

Because it easily pairs with bar feeder system and workpiece unloader as well as a gantry robot loader, the HYPER QUADREX 150MSY enables shops to achieve long periods of unmanned operation over breaks, nights and weekends. Such automation places the machine in automation Levels 1 and 2 of the 3-4-5 solution. The VERTICAL CENTER UNIVERSAL 400-5X accommodates articulated robots, placing it in automation Level 4 of the 3-4-5 solution. Articulated robots are a highly advanced alternative to traditional production and enable shops to fully automate the machineʼs load and unload operations. The HYPER QUADREX 150MSY, because it provides Y-axis, off-center machining, is a Level 2 machine in Mazakʼs 5 Levels of Multi-Tasking. HYPER QUADREX 150MSY.

The HYPER QUADREX 150MSY employs twin opposed turning spindles with 5,000 rpm and 20 hp each, plus full C-axis CNC control for part positioning and contouring at a resolution of 0.0001 degree. It also carries upper and lower 12-station tool turrets for fixed and rotating (live) tools alike and Y-axis machine travels for each turret for off-the centerline machining.

In the twin-turret and twin-spindle configuration, shops can gain innovative process opportunities. The main and secondary spindles can operate together or separately, allowing a single part to be machined on all surfaces through a coordinated “hand-off” between spindles, or two different parts can be machined simultaneously on one machine. The machineʼs bar fed work capacity is 2.56” diameter.

Since the twin turrets can operate independently or together on the same part, opportunities abound for machining two features simultaneously or balanced machining strategies. In balanced cutting, two tools work together on the same feature such as rough and finish turning, rough and finish milling, or opposed feature drilling, tapping or boring utilizing the Y-axes. In cases where the part configuration permits, balanced machining can remove up to 25 percent of the cycle time.


The VERTICAL CENTER UNIVERSAL 400-5X brings high-performance, high-value 5- axis capabilities to precision small-parts machining for a variety of industries, including medical, aerospace, automotive and electronics.

It provides cost-effective true 5-axis machining capability via a rigid rotary-tilt table that rotates ± 360 degrees at 50 rpm in the C-axis and tilts ± 140 degrees at 40 rpm in the Baxis.Linear axes measure 19.6” in X, 15.7” in Y and 20” in Z and rapid traverse at speeds up to 945 ipm. The machineʼs ample working envelope accommodates a wide range of part sizes and shapes, while tool storage capacities of either 20 or 30 tools further increase part-production versatility and continuous operation.

The VERTICAL CENTER UNIVERSAL 400-5X provides a small footprint of 125” H x 78.7” W x 117.5” D, yet offers an ample table size of 15.7” x 15.7”. To meet a variety of application needs, a fast 10,000-rpm, 15-hp, 40-taper spindle delivers unbeatable metal removal capabilities for all common materials, including steel, aluminum and cast iron. And the machine is available with an optional 12,000-rpm spindle as well. In addition to being able to experience these two machines, PMTS attendees can also visit the New Method Steel Stamps booth 463 and watch the QUICK TURN NEXUS 200 with an LNS bar feeder in action. The turning center provides uncompromised performance, advanced technology, productivity and value to job shops of all sizes.

About Mazak Corporation

Mazak Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of productivity-improving machine tool solutions. Committed to being a partner to customers with innovative technology, its world-class facility in Florence, Kentucky recently increased its production capacity to 200 machines per month. Continuous training and development of the workforce has created a “lean” culture, which has created opportunities for continuing growth in America. Mazak maintains eight Technology Centers across North America to provide local hands-on applications, service and sales support to its customers. For more information on Mazak's products and solutions, visit or follow us on Twitter at @MazakCorp and on Facebook at  


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