Matrox M-Series 4.00 Display Driver Offers New PowerDesk Features and Enhanced Windows 7 Support

Advanced PowerDesk desktop management software enables stretched desktop, Desktop Zoom, and Personalized features for a superior multi-display experience

Montreal, Canada - Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, today announced the release of enhanced Matrox PowerDesk features available with the 4.00 display driver for M-Series graphics cards operating under Microsoft® Windows® 7. The newest PowerDesk software features stretched desktop mode to span applications across all displays, while introducing Desktop Zoom to view a pre-selected region on a dedicated feature display. PowerDesk also includes Personalized divisions, a function under Desktop Divider that allows users to divide the desktop into smaller cells to create a customized and personalized desktop.

"PowerDesk's stretched desktop mode and Desktop Zoom are valuable multi-display enhancements, especially for professionals operating high-end applications on Windows 7 workstations," comments Ron Berty Business Development Manager, Matrox Graphics. "Spanning an application on up to eight displays permits energy management administrators, train dispatch operators, and financial traders to conveniently manage large amounts of data, while enabling the Zoom functionality to monitor critical points of interest on a fullscreen display."

Matrox PowerDesk software provides comprehensive multi-display controls to configure and manage program windows. This window management software offers a wide range of utilities for optimal management of message pop-ups and window positioning, including controls over which display dialog boxes and message boxes appear, and how windows are maximized. 4.00 display drivers for M-Series cards also offer full WHQL certification for Windows 7.

Additional Information and Availability
Matrox PowerDesk is available under M-Series display driver 4.00 which supports Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows Vista® (32/64 bit), and Windows Server® 2008 R1/R2 (32/64 bit). PowerDesk is also available with display driver 2.09 (XDDM) supporting Windows XP.

The 4.00 and 2.09 display drivers are now available for download on the Matrox drivers page. For more information, visit the Matrox PowerDesk page.

About Matrox Graphics Inc.

Matrox Graphics is a leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professional markets. In-house design expertise, top-to-bottom manufacturing, and dedicated customer support make our solutions the premier choice in industries that require stable, high-reliability products. Matrox is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

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