Maipu to Launch the China Top Carrier-Class Core Switch Worldwide

CHENGDU, China, Feb. 13 -- Maipu (Sichuan) Communication Technology Co., Ltd has launched MyPower S6800 and S8900 Top Carrier-Class Core Switches at the Shangri-La Chengdu Hotel. Nearly 600 guests witnessed the debut of the switch featuring high performance, excellent safety, and easy management, which took Maipu 3 years to research and develop. The series of products ameliorated the top-notch network products mix of Maipu, and will offer clients impeccable solutions and create more value.

In the beginning of 2009 while the globe is haunted by the worldwide financial crisis, Maipu has created innovative new products while other companies are busy cutting jobs and restructuring! The series of products is the first high-performance carrier-class switch in China to employ the technology of separating router from switch platform, also the first switch platform in China to apply ATCA structure into carrier-class OAM management, featuring "nonstop access to network, zero packet loss, and zero maintenance".

Mr. Jiang Lintao, Chief engineer of China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR) of the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), says, "I always hope that our enterprises can realize leap development, rather than keep up with developments. Today, Maipu has done this."

During the launch, information security was put high on the agenda by the attendees. Maipu has a minimum of 16 years of experience in serving clients in key sectors e.g. finance, taxation, operator, and government. Additionally, Maipu shared with the guests the cutting-edge innovation concepts of a next- generation network and discussed in depth how to utilize the new generation of network to build a platform for future communication and collaboration of businesses.

"In the past, people thought that Maipu could develop only the medium/low-end products," Mr. Luo Peng, Executive Vice President of Maipu, told reporters, "but the launched medium/high-end products prove that Maipu is entering into the high-end product market. With rich technology experience, we have absolute power to compete with international giants."

The rollout of MyPower S6800 and S8900 Top Carrier-Class Core Switch is not only a great leap for Maipu itself, but also a ray of hope in economic downturn! Only when the company is of independent innovation and responsibility can it have hope in China's information industrialisation!

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