Low Viscosity (15 to 20 cps) UV Curing Optical Adhesive and Coating

Norland Optical Adhesive NOA 89 is a clear, colorless, liquid photopolymer with a viscosity of 15 to 20 cps that will cure when exposed to ultraviolet light. Since it is a one part system and 100% solids, it offers many advantages in bonding where the adhesive can be exposed to UV light. The use of NOA 89 eliminates premixing, drying or heat curing operations common to other adhesive systems. Curing time is remarkably fast, and is dependent upon the thickness applied and the amount of ultraviolet light energy available.

NOA 89 is designed to give the best possible optical bond between glass to glass substrates and as a coating on glass, ceramic, plastic or metal substrates. NOA 89 also has excellent clarity, and flexibility that makes it superior for optical bonding and coating. These characteristics are important in order for the user to produce high quality optics and achieve long term performance under changing

NOA 89 is cured by ultraviolet light with maximum absorption within the range of 315-395 nanometers. The peak absorption wavelength is 365 nanometers. The recommended energy required for full cure is 3.5 Joules/cm2 for long wave UV.

For additional information or samples please contact Tim Norland at tnorland@norlandproducts.com or call(609) 395-1966.

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