Low Dropout Regulator comes in SC-70 package.

Press Release Summary:

Model TC1016 can replace SOT-23 LDOs. It has low dropout voltage of 150 mV at 80mA and supply current of 50 µA. Output voltage accuracy is ±2.5% max, and shutdown mode reduces power consumption to as low as 0.05 µA. Applications include PDAs, pagers, laptops, CO2 detectors, Flash modules, PCMCIA cards, bar code scanners, cameras, and other small, battery-powered devices.

Original Press Release:

Microchip Technology Announces Its First LDO in a Tiny SC-70 Package

CHANDLER, Ariz. - Nov. 20, 2001 - Microchip Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHP) today announced the release of its new 80mA low dropout regulator (LDO) in a space-saving SC-70 package. Microchip's latest LDO offers the highest performance-to-package ratio in the industry. Customers can now replace SOT-23 LDOs with a 50% smaller- solution without compromising performance.

Referred to as the TC1016, the device offers extremely low dropout voltage (150mV at 80mA) and low-supply current (50 uA), therefore significantly extending battery life and improving system efficiency. The features of this new device improve system performance, reduce board space and minimize system cost. making the TC1016 the best SC-70 LDO in the industry for any battery-operated application.

The TC1016 offers a smaller alternative to existing LDOs on the market while delivering superior- performance. High output voltage accuracy (±2.5% max.) and excellent dynamic behavior meet the most demanding power supply requirements. A shutdown mode is also provided to further reduce power consumption to as low as 0.05 uA. Additionally, the device's tiny package and the small external ceramic capacitors save board space and minimize component cost.

"The TC1016 is offered in the smallest standard package in the industry, without sacrificing performance versus currently available, bulkier LDO solutions," commented George Paparrizos, product marketing manager at Microchip. Our new low dropout regulator features lower dropout voltage, higher output voltage accuracy, lower supply current and significantly better dynamic performance than other SC-70 and most of the SOT-23 devices. In addition, this device is stable with tiny, low-ESR output capacitors, further reducing system cost and footprint."

The TC1016 features a maximum output current of 80mA and is offered with a variety of output voltage options. Tiny size, low dropout voltage, and minimal supply current make it ideal for use in cellular phones, PDAs, pagers, laptops, CO2 Detectors, Flash modules, PCMCIA cards, bar code scanners, cameras, MP3 players and a number of other small-size, battery- powered applications. The device comes in a small 5-pin SC-70 package. Pricing for the TC1016, offered in the SC-70 package, is $0.56 each in 1,000 unit quantities. Samples and volume production are available today. The data sheet can be accessed at www.microchip.com.

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