Long Jaw Pliers reach into difficult places.

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Multi-Nut Plier is made of stainless steel with cushion PVC grips. It can tighten smaller nuts and bolts, holds hard-to-reach heads when tightening bolts, and has V-shaped jaws on sides and end. Tool is suitable for home or professional use by mechanics, repairmen, electricians, and hobbyists.

Original Press Release:

What's New At Jensen(R)

EURO TOOL's latest innovation is the Multi-Nut Plier. Made of stainless steel with cushion PVC grips, this plier may be the handiest tool around. Great for home or professional use for mechanics, repairmen, electricians and even hobbyists.

- Can tighten smaller nuts and bolts.

- Holds hard-to-reach heads when tightening bolts - when fingers just won't do the trick.

- Has V-shaped jaws on the sides and end to handle any situation.

- Because it's a plier, it is instantly ready to use with one hand, no adjustment necessary.

- You won't have to fumble around looking for the right size wrench - just grab the Multi-Nut Plier and go to work.

- Long jaws reach into difficult-to-access places.

This plier is not meant to replace all wrenches, but as a companion item it is invaluable for holding larger bolts and torquing down smaller ones. Another EURO TOOL exclusive.

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