LMI Endorses Grayhill I/O Racks and Controllers

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

07.20.2009 - LMI Technologies, Inc. (LMI) announces Grayhill Inc. as their vender of choice for highly configurable I/O racks and modules for LMI's maestro(TM) product line of machine vision controllers.

Barry Dashner, New Business Development Manager at LMI Technologies explains, "Our engineers recommend the Grayhill System 50 series of I/O racks and cable assemblies for their maestro(TM) P800 controller. Grayhill's intuitive interfaces provide the necessary third party compatibility to centralize I/O activities in the P800 controller."

The Grayhill System 50 I/O rack series offers a family of 50-pin racks and I/O modules that support the triggering and timing requirements of the maestro(TM) products. For the maestro(TM) P800 controller in particular, support is required to connect up to 24 I/O devices, which may be AC or DC devices.

To integrate an I/O rack, the engineer simply has to choose the size of the rack required for the desired I/O modules. These modules convert the signals to or from the I/O devices to levels that are acceptable by the P800 controller. The I/O rack is connected to the P800 via a 50-pin cable, provided by Grayhill. This cable may have a header or edger card connector on one end, depending on the style of the I/O rack selected.

Maestro(TM) is designed to help reduce integration costs for the engineer by providing a centralized controller for powering and timing of machine vision systems. This is achieved by providing power and triggering to lights and cameras, as well as connections to external I/O devices. Maestro's simple, scalable architecture is ideal for the rapid design and integration of a customized machine vision solution, from single-camera designs to high-speed multi-camera inspection systems.The complete maestro Developer Kit includes the P800 controller, C12 camera and lighting triggering module, dual-CAT5e cable, 48 DVC power supply and cord, international power outlet converter, as well as Client software and API reference source code. To download the maestro product data sheet, please visit http://www.lmitechnologies.com/maestro.

About LMI Technologies Inc. (LMI):

LMI Technologies is a privately owned global manufacturer of leading edge machine vision technology solutions. Founded in 1976, LMI began life as a systems integrator designing 3D vision sensors for sawmills. Today, LMI has over 100 patents, is a world leader in several major vertical market areas, and goes to market primarily through original equipment manufacturers, system integrators, engineering consultants, distributors, and in-house engineering teams to design, install and support machine vision systems in both specific vertical market niches and horizontal machine vision markets.

About Grayhill Inc.:

Founded in 1943, Grayhill provides over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing a wide variety of rugged and reliable standard components to help manufacturers and integrators build custom control systems that help engineers reduce integration costs. To learn more about Grayhill products, visit http://www.grayhill.com/ioproducts

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