Liquid Foam forms insulating parts.

Press Release Summary:

Rescor 740 consists of ceramic powder and liquid activator. When mixed and poured into non-absorbent molds and hardened overnight, it produces corrosion resistant, machinable parts for use to 2300°F. It produces thermally and electrically insulating parts resistant to oxidizing, reducing atmospheres, molten non-ferrous metals, steam, and solvents.

Original Press Release:

Rescor(TM) 740 Liquid Foam Forms Lightweight, High Strength, Machinable, Thermally and Electrically Insulating Parts Usable to 2300° F.

Easy To Use "In house process". Just mix the ceramic powder and liquid activator, pour into any non-absorbent mold and harden overnight.

Rescor 740 forms high strength, insulating parts and prototypes with high temperature stability and excellent machinability.

Resistant to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, molten non-ferrous metals, steam, most chemicals and solvents.

Users Report: Rescor 740 cast cylindrical rings 24" in dia. x 2.5" high that were machined to form precision thermally and electrically insulating parts for a casting furnace.

Rescor 740 is a low cost machinable alternative for high temperature thermal and electrical insulators, heating element supports, hot pressing dies, processing boats, heat shields, fixtures, induction heating, etc.

Rescor 740 Liquid Foam is available in 10 pound kits complete with data sheets and instructions for $79.95. Also available in 50 and 100 pound kits. Production quantities are available upon request.

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