Linear Stages integrate stepper motor and screw.

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Mini-Rail®MS self-lubricating, motorized, screw-driven miniature linear stages provide smooth and quiet linear motion control. Units require no sealing, emit no particulates, are corrosion-resistant, and tolerate high temperature extremes. Available with 3 different leads, units are suited for semiconductor processing, clean rooms, scanning and input devices, packaging machinery, medical devices, and material handling applications.

Original Press Release:

NEW Mini-Rail®MS Motorized Linear Stages

With high torque stepper motor!

ROCKFORD, IL - June 27, 2004 - - - - Based on Pacific Bearing Company's proven Simplicity bearing liner technology, the NEW Mini-Rail®MS self-lubricating, motorized screw driven miniature linear stages provide a compact, robust, smooth and quiet linear motion control solution. Available with three different leads, Mini-Rail®MS integrates stepper motor and screw for a more compact, less parts, less hassle design. Their small footprint allows them to readily fit where other systems can't!

Mini-Rail®MS lead screw linear guides/slides maintain their precision control and accuracy thanks to design elements such as the precision ball bearings supporting the lead screw and pre-loaded drive nut. The compact design also features fewer parts than other slides and systems - meaning minimal maintenance. As a new member to the Mini-Rail® product family, the new Mini-Rail®MS also requires no sealing, emits no particulates, is corrosion resistant, and tolerates high temperature extremes. With a high torque stepper motor, the Mini-Rail with lead screw is the ideal slide/guide for a variety of applications - from semiconductor processing, clean rooms, scanning and input devices to packaging machinery, medical devices, and material handling applications.

Pacific Bearing is the manufacturer of the Simplicity® self-lubricating linear bearings, slides and shafting, Dolphin Guides® two-piece linear slides, Redi-Rail® linear guides, Mini-Rail® miniature linear guides/slides and the Hevi-Rail® combination linear bearing systems. For more technical or pricing information, contact our Inside Sales or Sales Engineering Department at (800) 729 - 9085.

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