Linear Actuators have low-profile narrow positioning stages.

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Model LSMA-175 precision linear actuators feature compact, fully-enclosed stages that measure 25 x 50 mm. Stages have travel ranges between 50 and 200 mm, with positioning repeatability of 0.31 micron, and maximum speed of 10 mm/sec with 8 kg payload. Micrometer-grade screw with lead pitch of 0.5 mm, miniature linear bearing, and non-contact limit switches with stepper or DC servo motor are included. Products are suited for life sciences and scientific applications.

Original Press Release:

Small Profile Linear Actuators LSMA-175

The LSMA-175 low profile precision linear actuators from IntelLiDrives is a single axis system for applications that require low profile narrow positioning stages.

The compact, fully enclosed stage measures 25 mm high and 50 mm wide. Travel ranges between 50 mm and 200 mm. Positioning repeatability is 0.31 micron, while maximum speed is 10 mm/sec with payload 8 Kg. Stage features micrometer grade screw with lead pitch 0.5 mm, miniature linear bearing and non-contact limit switches with a choice of either stepper or DC servo motor with encoder. Matching motion controller and drivers are available as an option.

Typical applications include miniature robotics, pick and place automation, specimen handling in life sciences and scientific applications where precision positioning is required within small footprint.

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