Linear Actuators facilitate conversion from air cylinders.

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Equipped with 200 V servo motor, ROBO Cylinder RCS2 Series comes in Rod or Slider types and utilizes SCON position controller as well as SSEL and XSEL program controllers. Units convert revolutions of electrical motor to linear motion force. AQ seals supply lubricating oil during operation to ensure maintenance-free period up to 2,700 miles, while servo standby modes and automatic servo off modes help save energy.

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NEW- IAI Launches New Low Maintenance And Energy Efficient ROBO Cylinder RCS2 Series Actuators As An Alternative To Air Cylinders

IAI launched its state of the art high performance line of ROBO Cylinders with a full range of new design features for improved performance, specifically to significantly reduce maintenance and energy costs compared to traditional air cylinders.

ROBO Cylinders are an excellent alternative to air cylinders for several key reasons. Firstly, all ROBO Cylinder actuators are fitted with AQ seals that supply lubricating oil during operation to ensure a long maintenance free period of up to 5000km (2,700 miles). Secondly, the ROBO Cylinders use the same mounting brackets as those used on traditional air cylinders, which makes the conversion from air cylinders to ROBO Cylinders very easy. Thirdly, ROBO Cylinders convert the revolutions of the electrical motor to linear motion force thus reducing operating costs. The newly created servo standby modes and automatic servo off modes are also energy saving systems that then ultimately combine to reduce operating costs by 70% to 90%.

The RCS2 Series Actuator is equipped with a 200 Volt servo motor to support high loads and long strokes. It comes in Rod or Slider types and utilizes the SCON position controller and SSEL & XSEL program controllers. The SCON is a single axis controller available in 5 types. The SSEL and XSEL are multi-axis controllers with multiple operating modes.

Technical CAD drawings, PDF files and data sheets detailing the measurements and specifications of each ROBO Cylinder actuator and its associated position and program controllers are available for download at or by requesting the new ROBO Cylinder printed Catalog.

About IAI America
IAI is a member of the RIA, SEMI, and AHTD organizations. IAI Manufacturers a full range of IX Scara Robots, Linear Actuators, ROBO Cylinders, Table Top Robots, Controllers, Cartesian Robots, Single Axis Robots, and Linear Positioners.

The ROBO Cylinder brand includes a full range of controller-integrated, Slider, Rod, Arm, Flat, Dust Proof, Splash Proof and Cleanroom Type actuators with options for 24V or 200V motors with position and program controllers for 1 or 2 axis types.

IAI is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14000 certified, and its products conform to European RoHS directives.

For more information, please contact IAI at 800 736 1712 or visit email Contact Antonio Jimenez.

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