Level/Flow Switches have intrinsically safe design.

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With 2-wire 4-20mA loop power electronics, NuTec(TM) LS2000 insertion level switch is designed for service in nearly all fluid wet/dry applications. Level accuracy is 1/8 in. from flow element centerline. Unit can be top or side-mounted. FS2000L in-line flow switch/monitor is designed for high purity and sanitary environments. It features setpoint range of 0 to 300 SFPS in air and 0 to 10 FPS in water. Both switches have stainless steel wetted surfaces and operate at temperatures from 40 to 250 deg F.

Original Press Release:

Breakthrough NuTec(TM) Level/Flow Switch Series Is Industry's First With Intrinsically Safe Design

Ideal for Chemical, Oil/Gas, Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor

San Marcos, CANext generation level and flow sensing are here today with the launch of the innovative NuTec(TM) Switch Series. NuTec delivers the first thermal level switch designed with a low-power 4-20 mA loop power electronics option that meets intrinsic safety requirements. NuTec flow switches are also available in advanced non-intrusive thermal flow sensor configurations with a 10 rA surface finish suitable for use in high purity and sanitary media.

Extraordinarily responsive and accurate, the versatile NuTec Switch Series offers superior reliability in extreme process conditions. NuTec switches are designed with proven thermal sensor technology in a rugged package that is easy to install and now requires virtually no maintenance. They are ideal for a broad range of applications in chemical, oil/gas, semiconductor, food/beverage, pharmaceutical and more.

Intrinsically-Safe - Model LS2000 Level Switch.

With two-wire 4-20mA loop power electronics, the NuTec Insertion Level Switch was developed to meet intrinsic safety requirements. The NuTec Model LS2000 Level Switch eliminates expensive instrument conduit runs in explosive enviromnents. It is also suitable for retrofitting two-wire failure prone mechanical float and flow paddle switches without changing or adding wires. Combining high accuracy with reliability, the Model LS2000 is designed for service in nearly all fluid wet/dry applications. It is exceptionally responsive as well, >500 milliseconds maximum following a step change in level. The LS 2000 operates at temperatures ranging from 40 to 250F (-40 to
121C) and at operating pressures up to 500 psig. Constructed with durable 316 stainless steel for all wetted surfaces,
it can be top or side-mounted. The LS2000's level accuracy is 1/8 inch from the flow element centerline. Approvals include FM, CENELEC, CSA and CE Mark (pending).

Sanitary - Model FS2000L In-Line Flow Switch/Monitor

NuTec's innovative non-intrusive sensor design available with the Model FS2000L Inline Flow Switch is especially well suited to high purity and sanitary environments in food/beverage, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and more. The Model FS2000L features a setpoint range of 0 to 300 SFPS (0 to 91.4 MPS) in air and 0 to 10 FPS (0 to 3.05 MPS) in water.

Constructed of 316 Stainless steel electropolished for all wetted surfaces, the Model FS2000L features an electropolished finish available to 10 rA for high purity applications. It operates at temperatures from 40 to 250F (-40 to 121C). This non-intrusive sanitary flow switch can be either vertically or horizontally mounted and functions at pressures up to 500 psig. The response time is adjustable from 0.5 to 2.5 seconds. Approvals include Sanitary 3A, ASME, BPE (1997) and CE Mark.

NuTec Flow Switches can be optionally factory pre-calibrated prior to shipment by FCI technicians who set the instrument to the user's specific process application. Pricing for the NuTec Switch Series is competitive with other level/flow technologies while offering superior performance features. Delivery of standard product is one week. Fluid Components International is a global company committed to meeting the needs of its customers through innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements for sensing, measuring and controlling air, gas, liquid, flow, level and temperature.

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