Lechler Announces A Redesigned Airmist

The Lechler AirMist(TM) air atomizing spray nozzle has been redesigned to provide increased flexibility and improved reliability. The body is now round and has been made to be more modular in design than before. The nozzle body can be easily combined with any of the interchangeable aircaps that go with it to create a wide choice of spray patterns, flow rates, and coverages. The AirMist provides:
o Precision spray mist with fine droplets
o Optional accessories for shut-off and cleanout
o Performance control of the spray through the selection of an internal or external mix spray and a flat or round spray pattern.

The AirMist nozzle continues to be most appropriate for spraying applications which require coating, cooling, or humidification. The even coverage that coating requires and the very fine droplets that cause air or product cooling and that enable air humidification are among the performance traits of the AirMist that make it such a good choice. While retaining these long-standing benefits, the redesigned AirMist can now be optionally connected to a brand new product, the Lechler Spray Controller (LSC), which more precisely controls the spray when the nozzle is operated by itself or in tandem with other AirMists as part of a header. The AirMist comes standard in a choice of nickel-plated brass and stainless steel materials.

Lechler, Inc., 445 Kautz Rd., St. Charles, IL 60174 (800-777-2926, www.lechlerusa.com)

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