Leak Detection Relay monitors 2 submersible pumps.

Press Release Summary:

Used to monitor shaft seal of pumps before failure, Series DLD dual-channel leak detection relay finds leaks by sensing status of float or conductivity switch installed in seal cavity. It offers NO relay contacts to energize alarm and deenergize pump in event of leak and includes LED indicator. Installed via 2-pin octal mount, unit is available in sensitivities of 10-25 kW adjustable and 4.7-100 kW adjustable. All models utilize 120 Vac control voltage.

Original Press Release:

NEW! Series DLD Dual Channel Leak Detection Relay

Dwyer Instruments, Inc., the preferred source for your complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, has just released the NEW SERIES DLD DUAL CHANNEL LEAK DETECTION RELAY.

The Series DLD is used to monitor the shaft seal of two submersible pumps to detect a leak before pump failure. A leak is detected by sensing the status of a float or conductivity switch installed in the seal cavity. When this resistance drops below the set sensitivity, the output relay energizes and the LED indicator illuminates. The DLD offers normally open relay contacts to energize an alarm and de-energize the pump in the event of a leak. When the seal failure condition clears, the relay automatically resets. Installation is made simple with the standard 8-pin octal mount.

The DLD is available in two different sensitivities: 10 k to 25 k ohm adjustable and 4.7 k to 100 k ohm adjustable. All models utilize a 120 VAC control voltage.

Complete details are available on our website @ www.dwyer-inst.com/htdocs/level/SeriesDLDPrice.cfm

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