Latest Pediatric Regulator from Responsive Respiratory Now Comes with 1/64th Flow Setting

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The Pediatric Regulators are available with a CGA 870 or CGA 540 connection and with a barb or DISS outlet. The units with 1/64th setting for 0‐3 LPM flows increase the versatility of the device. Regulators come with engraved conversion table that benefits providers with the range of low flows to meet the needs of pediatric patients.

Original Press Release:

Responsive Respiratory Upgrades Pediatric Regulator to Include 1/64th Flow Setting

St. Louis, Missouri – July 23, 2018 – Responsive Respiratory upgrades its pediatric regulator offering to include a new 1/64th flow setting.

RRI’s pediatric regulator with engraved flow conversion chart is now available with the newly added 1/64th setting to its 0‐3 LPM flows. The pediatric regulators are available with a CGA 870 or CGA 540 connection and with a barb or DISS outlet. The regulator with engraved conversion table benefits providers by offering a versatile range of low flows to meet the needs of all pediatric patients while streamlining inventory thus eliminating the need to carry duplicate product to cover decimal and fraction flow settings.

“RRI’s pediatric regulator with engraved flow conversion meets the needs of both providers and patients,” explains Tom Bannon, Responsive Respiratory President. “The inclusion of a new 1/64th flow expands the versatility of the device amongst pediatric users. The permanent reference on the regulator’s body simplifies pediatric oxygen set‐up and usage, as the reference table eliminates the confusing conversion of prescribed flow settings between decimal and fractions, a primary concern for both providers and parents.”

The pediatric regulator with 1/64th flow setting and engraved flow conversion joins RRI’s offering of EMS, Hospital, and Home Care regulators and their full line of ambulatory oxygen equipment and accessories.

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Marketing Manager

Responsive Respiratory

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