Laser Welding for a Wide Range of Parts

Versatile and quick: A wide range of parts can be detected quickly and machined precisely with SCHUNK's PSM 400 laser welding machine.

SCHUNK presented its highly flexible laser welding machine for the partially automated deposition welding and repair welding of challenging materials and complex component geometries for the first time at Euromold in Frankfurt. The precision machine allows both small components and components weighing several tons to be machined quickly and conveniently. An intelligent teaching and programming function means that even free-form surfaces for which no geometric data exists can be detected quickly. The machine sets new standards in the efficient laser machining of single pieces as well as in small and medium-scale production.

Detecting free-form surfaces and complicated contours

The machine's unique teaching and programming function makes it extremely quick to set up and program. A user-friendly look-ahead controller and integrated teaching function for lines, curves, circles and splines significantly reduce the programming time. Even complex parts, parts with surface damage or worn parts are quickly detected in three dimensions without the need for time-consuming external programming. In spline mode, the taught points can be joined together to form a curve, as if they were joined by an elastic band. This shortens the teaching process and ensures that the path is extremely smooth.

PMS 400 is extremely precise and achieves a high degree of repeat accuracy

High-precision axes guarantee maximum accuracy

Thanks to SCHUNK's high-precision linear and rotary axes, the machine is extremely precise and achieves a high degree of repeat accuracy. Adaptive closed-loop control guarantees that the lamp-pumped laser operates precisely and reliably. The laser parameters can be adapted to the specific characteristics of challenging materials using scalable pulse shaping. Particularly when machining cast-iron parts, steel with a high carbon content, and superalloys, users benefit from the overlong 100 ms laser pulse, which significantly improves the weldability of these materials.

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