Laser Mirrors have diamond-turned front surface.

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Aluminum Substrate Mirrors, for far infrared laser applications, are composed of 6061-T6 substrate with protected aluminum (AlSiO) or protected gold (AuSiO) reflectance coating. Protected aluminum coating has reflectance greater than 96% from 1,750 nm, while protected gold has greater than 98% reflectance from 2,000 nm. Back surface is machined flat and is tapped with 3 holes that are mounted to custom housings or positioning equipment. Diameters range from 25.4-76.2 mm.

Original Press Release:

New Aluminum Substrate Mirrors Offered by World-Leading Optics Company

March 10, 2003, Barrington, NJ - Edmund Optics, Inc. (EO) of Barrington, New Jersey has announced a new line of Aluminum Substrate Mirrors. These mirrors are ideal for far infrared laser applications, especially those with wavelengths of 2 microns and beyond.

This line of mirrors is available in a range of diameters (25.4mm - 76.2mm) and is composed of an Aluminum 6061-T6 substrate coated with either a protected aluminum (AlSiO) or protected gold (AuSiO) reflectance coating. The protected aluminum coating has a reflectance >96% from 1750nm on, while the protected gold has a reflectance > 98% from 2000nm on. All mirrors feature a diamond turned front surface with a roughness of < 175Ã….

The back surface of the mirrors are machined flat and are tapped with 3 holes (6-32 TPI for diameters ranging from 25.4mm - 50.8mm, or 8-32 TPI for the 76.2mm diameter versions) that are easily mounted to either custom housings or a variety of positioning equipment also available from Edmund.

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