Laser Ablation System offers ICP-MS solid-sampling analysis.

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Featuring deep-UV absorption and short pulse-length performance, 193 nm Solid-State Model UP193 couples all matrixes, resulting in uniform response throughout periodic table, while minimizing fractionation. System features 13 pre-calibrated spot sizes from 2 µm and up. It produces flat, uniform craters via laser and beam conditioning optics. Optical attenuator adjusts energy level for delicate through high-energy ablations without varying voltage or destabilizing laser.

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New Wave Research Introduces 193-nm Solid-State Laser Ablation System

Matrix-Independent Solution Enables Wider Range of Solids Analysis While Improving Accuracy And Precision

Fremont, Calif., March 1, 2005 - New Wave Research introduces the UP193 Solid-State, an all-solid-state 193-nm laser ablation system designed specifically for ICP-MS solid-sampling analysis. Featuring deep-UV absorption and short pulse-length performance, the system readily couples with all matrixes, resulting in long, steady signals and a uniform response throughout the periodic table - all while minimizing fractionation. Applications include bulk and micro-feature analysis of metals; analysis of biological tissues, tree rings and gels; sulfate and sulfite analysis; and forensic analysis of plastics, ceramics, paint, glass and quartz. The UP193 Solid-State is the latest addition to New Wave Research's Universal Platform Series.

"The UP193 Solid-State is truly a flexible, fit-for-purpose laser-ablation system," said John Roy, Vice President for New Wave Research. "The system's high-absorbance, deep-UV wavelength enables total ablations on all materials, while its short pulse width prevents heating of the sample - a major contributor to fractionation. Users can now analyze all types of materials - opaque through highly transparent, conductive and non-conductive - without the need for other wavelengths. Moreover, the system's unmatched irradiance yields consistently smaller particles from all materials for maximum ionization."

The UP193 Solid-State also features 13 pre-calibrated spot sizes ranging from 2 µm on up; fluence and irradiance does not change with spot size. In addition, the system produces flat, uniform craters via a proprietary laser design and beam conditioning optics.

Further, the UP193 Solid-State incorporates an optical attenuator that adjusts the energy level for delicate through high-energy ablations without varying voltage or destabilizing the laser. This unique design generates more output from less input using the fewest components for higher reliability and a low cost of ownership. The system is pumped by the same field-proven, dependable and stable laser used in the New Wave Research UP213 - the most popular LA-ICP-MS system in the industry.

Compatible with all makes and models of ICP mass spectrometers, the UP193 Solid-State includes the same industry-leading software platform found on all New Wave Research laser ablation systems. This provides a wide variety of ablation functions such as depth profiling, sample mapping and auto-sampling.

Established in 1990, New Wave Research creates, develops, and manufactures high-quality, laser-based systems and modules for microelectronics and analytical instrumentation applications. For more information, contact New Wave Research, 48660 Kato Road, Fremont, Calif., 94538. Phone: (510) 249-1550. e-mail: Web:

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