Koat-A-Roll Makes Prime Time

Alsip, IL-As a leading polyurethane manufacturer in the Material Handling industry, Kastalon has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of conveyor manufacturers on an abundance of projects. In fact, it is hard to believe that Koat-A-Roll conveyor roller sleeves and its family of products were introduced to the market more than 30 years ago.

Koat-A-Roll has become a standard tool in an arsenal of value added conveying system components. It immediately comes to mind as a cost effective way to add friction or a non-scratching, non-marring surface. It also typically is retrofitted onto an existing system to reduce noise or to extend the life of the conveyor with its shock absorbing properties, yet occasionally someone comes up with a truly unique project that is completely outside the box.

Such an application began about a year ago when NBC's popular show "The Biggest Loser" featured a unique fitness apparatus called "Jacobs Ladder" This patented treadmill climber utilizes low impact, high range of motion to provide a superior cardio workout. It is a relatively large unit that features ladder rungs on a 40-degree angle. As the user climbs the ladder, the ladder rungs move down to keep the user from running out of ladder.

The Jacobs Ladder was introduced to the professional training market nearly 10 years ago and up until then could be found soley in the training facilities of professional sports teams, military/government agencies, and health clubs.

Recognizing that the exposure created by the TV show would create a new demand for a smaller personal model, the manufacturers of the Jacob's Ladder developed a new streamlined model that would give the same superior workout but could fit in a residential setting at an affordable price. To give the ladder's rungs greater grip the design team chose to cover them in Koat-A-Roll, which according to a spokesperson of Jacobs Ladder Exercise Equipment, "worked out extremely well. It added the right amount of friction and gave a tight interference fit over the metal rungs."

Thanks to a naming rights agreement, between Jacobs Ladder and NBC, the personal model now carries the name "Biggest Loser Ladder" and will be featured in upcoming episodes.

For more information regarding Koat-A-Roll®, go to www.kastalon.com.
To find out more about the "Biggest Loser Ladder" go to www.biggestloserladder.com.

Koat-A-Roll is a registered trademark of Kastalon, Inc. The Biggest Loser is a registered trademark and copyright of NBC Studios, Inc. & Reveille LLC/ Licensed by NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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