Key Technology Introduces G6 Upgrade Program for Non-Key Brand Sorters

November 9, 2006 - Key Technology introduces the G6 Upgrade Program for select non-Key brand sorters. By modernizing the sorter's vision engine, cameras, and lighting, Key enables processors to simultaneously improve product quality and increase product yield while minimizing capital costs.

This upgrade program achieves rapid payback based on significant performance improvements equivalent to new systems, at a fraction of the cost.

This G6 upgrade replaces aging monochromatic cameras with Key's proprietary high-resolution Vis/IR cameras that more accurately identify green and blue defects and distinguish potato peel from brown defects. This improved capability allows the upgraded sorter to detect and remove a wider range of defects on a variety of vegetables, including both peeled and peel-on potato strips, to maximize product quality.

With Key's high performance G6 vision engine, processors can achieve more subtle feature identification, including sorting based on product size and/or product shape. Defective product can even be defined based on where the defect lies on the product.

Superior defect identification enables G6 upgraded sorters to more accurately match product quality to specifications. The historical tradeoff between product quality and yield is redefined by increasing both quality and yield simultaneously. Processors should expect to achieve 80 percent defect in the reject stream when operating at full rated capacity.

The G6 upgrade replaces fluorescent lights with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system that produces extremely stable light over a lifetime more than 10 times that of the original system. This consistent light source eliminates the need for frequent adjustments and improves effective inspection accuracy day-to-day. Unlike fluorescent lights that typically must be replaced every three to six months, LEDs last over five years, which further reduces maintenance and practically eliminates the cost of replacement lamps.

Compared to replacing an entire sorter, Key's G6 upgrade costs less than half yet realizes like-new sorter performance. Further, installation of the
G6 upgrade does not require any changes to the current product conveying and distribution systems and the existing sorter footprint is unchanged; total installed project cost is only a fraction of a new system. Key can upgrade the sorter in the field in less than two days from line stop to startup.

Key will assume full responsibility for supporting G6 upgraded non-Key brand sorters, including supplying all parts and technical service that cover both the upgraded G6 components and those that are original to the sorter. The modular G6 architecture eases future upgrades to keep systems up to date and performing at peak as technology advances.

This G6 upgrade includes a 17-inch color touchscreen control panel on a swing arm that improves usability while minimizing floorspace requirements.
To ease training, Key's intuitive, multilingual G6 user interface is common to popular ADR® 4 and ADR® 5 Automatic Defect Removal Systems in use at many potato strip plants. The G6 user interface resides locally on the system's controller and can also be accessed remotely via plant network or Internet.
Sophisticated real-time and on-demand diagnostics help avoid costly downtime and detect conditions that could compromise inspection.

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Key Technology, an ISO-9001 certified company, is a leading designer and manufacturer of process automation systems, integrated electro-optical inspection and sorting systems, and processing systems. Key® systems help processors to improve quality, increase yield, and reduce cost. With worldwide sales representation, the company maintains demonstration and testing facilities at its headquarters and manufacturing divisions in Walla Walla, Washington, USA, and at Key Technology BV in Beusichem, the Netherlands. The company's common stock trades on the Global Market tier of The NASDAQ Stock MarketSM under the symbol: KTEC.

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