Kepco Offers Enhancements to Its Electronic Loads

Kepco is pleased to announce several product enhancements to its popular EL series of 1 to 5 Kilowatt single and dual channel electronic loads:

CE MARK for LVD and EMC directives

Increased current capability of all low voltage models up to 800 Amps at 5 Kilowatts

Transient capability, 50 microseconds to 10 seconds

Repeating transients, repeating every 100 microseconds to 10 seconds from 2 to 10,000 times

Leading and trailing ramps on output changes, from 100 microseconds to 10 seconds

Universal a-c input 108-264 V a-c, 50-60 Hz

"These new features have been added in response to customer feedback and will enable the EL series to find a wider range of applications, especially in the battery test and alternative energy markets." said Saul Kupferberg, VP of Sales and Marketing for Kepco. 

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