Jiangsu Huadian Jurong Power Chooses Metso's Automation for Its Two 1000 MW Units in China

Advanced automation systems will contribute to more efficient and less polluting electricity generation in two large units that feature ultra supercritical technology and thereby support economic growth in Eastern China in an environmentally responsible way.

Jiangsu Huadian Jurong Power Co. Ltd. has chosen Metso’s automation systems for its two greenfield 1000 MW power plant units located in Xiashu Town, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Scheduled to start up in the coming summer, the units are the first 1,000 MW units with ultra supercritical technology to be built by Jiangsu Huadian Jurong Power. Ultra supercritical technologies can boost the efficiency of coal-based electricity generation by approximately 50% and produce less emissions compared with traditional subcritical coal-fired power plants. China has become a hotbed of ultra supercritical construction as the country seeks to satisfy its growing power requirements.

By investing in these large units with ultra-supercritical technologies, Jiangsu Huadian Jurong Power is supporting economic growth in Eastern China in an environmentally responsible way.

Both power plant units will be controlled with Metso’s automation systems from one central control room. The systems will monitor, control and optimize the performance of the units along with the common services at the plant site. The DCS is designed for both functional and physical distribution. The main function includes, for example, automatic startup and shutdown, performance monitoring and data links to other balance-of-plant systems.

The turbine control system, boiler feedwater pump turbine control system and flue gas desulphurization system will also use Metso’s DNA hardware and software, and will be integrated into the distributed control system, although they are supplied by other vendors.

In both main plant control systems, there are 33 pairs of digital processing units and approximately 14,000 hardwired I/Os. In addition, redundant gateways will transfer information from various systems or subsystems into the unit control systems. The common system is geographically distributed in the circulating water pump house, demineralization water pump house and auxiliary power equipment room, and controlled and interlocked through unit DCS operator stations.

Jiangsu Huadian Jurong Power Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between China Huadian Corporation and Jiangsu Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 2008.

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