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IT-based Control System enhances packaging safety.

Press Release Summary:

Jan 21, 2014 - Providing data management services, ULab Testing Data Integrated Platform helps companies establish IT-based packaging safety control system. Factory testing data management focuses on testing data automatic management and intelligent analysis for facilities with self-established laboratories/quality control centers. Also included, testing center data management offers companies without inspection capabilities packaging testing services and data analysis services to meet QC requirements.

Labthink International, Inc. - Medford, MA

Original Press Release

ULab Establishes an Information Technology for Packaging Safety Control

Press release date: Jan 20, 2014

In order to help companies related to packaging application to establish an information technology based packaging safety control system, Labthink has developed a set of packaging testing data management system—ULab Testing Data Integrated Platform

ULab Testing Data Integrated Platform provides data management services in two directions:
1. Factory testing data management, which focuses on testing data automatic management and intelligent analysis for companies or factories with self-established laboratories/quality control centers;
2. Testing center data management, which offers companies without inspection capabilities packaging testing services and data analysis services to meet their quality control requirements.

For companies that are capable of establishing self-managed testing laboratories, their technical staff are usually required to read and record the test results from the testing instruments followed by a series of calculation and processing to make the test report when a test is finished. The time to generate a final report usually depends on the expertise of the operator and the amount of work is heavy since almost everything is manually operated. Another issue to be concerned is that sometimes errors may be brought in due to human factors. Furthermore, as the amount of paper-based reports grows and the quality data increases, it is a pain in the ass to manage such information and is hardly possible to perform data analysis and statistics. Therefore, companies need to focus on how to achieve automatic data processing in order to control cost and improve competency. They also need to establish a reliable packaging quality control system in order to exploit the potential value of big data. The factory test data management function of ULab is such an ideal candidate that it can automatically collect, integrate, process, and store testing data and information in the platform uniformly, therefore helps to establish an automatic testing workflow. This function also makes it easier and more convenient to quickly view and manage stored data, perform data analysis and risk control, and finally improve packaging quality control capability.

On the other hand, for companies that are incapable of building a lab, the testing center data management function offers material testing and data analysis services with high efficiency. They only need to prepare the testing specimens and send them out, ULab will take care of everything else. The test status, test results, and test reports can be viewed in real time anywhere via the system management portal. Most importantly, the fare of using such advanced testing technology is much lower than that of traditional testing services. Therefore, not only input and cost for self-operated lab can be reduced, it is also a better way to acquire high quality and reliable test results.

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