Irradiance Sensor measures narrowband LED and laser sources.

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Designed to measure LED and laser sources from 200–850 nm, PD300RM Irradiance and Energy Density Sensor automatically adjusts to provide correct power and energy measurements based on specific wavelength designated by user. Unit also incorporates cosine corrected quartz glass diffuser, suitable for UV radiation. Model PD300RM-UV measures irradiance levels from 15 nW/cm² to 300 mW/cm², while PD300RM-8W measures irradiance from 0.2 µW/cm² to 8 W/cm².

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Ophir Photonics Introduces Light Measurement System for Narrowband LED and Laser Sources

North Logan, UT — Ophir Photonics Group, the global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation company, today announced the PD300RM Irradiance and Energy Density Sensor. The PD300RM is a calibrated irradiance and dosage sensor that measures narrowband LED and laser sources between 200 and 850nm. The sensor automatically adjusts to provide correct power and energy measurements based on the specific wavelength designated by the user. This delivers a more accurate reading than traditional radiometers. The PD300RM also incorporates a cosine corrected quartz glass diffuser, suitable for UV radiation.

"LEDs and lasers are rapidly replacing wideband light sources, such as mercury or xenon lamps, in a variety of applications," stated Dr. Efi Rotem, Project Manager, Ophir Photonics. "But traditional radiometers are designed for wideband sources. Because their spectral response is not flat, they are not suitable for measuring narrowband sources. The PD300RM is designed for LED and laser sources. It allows the user to enter the specific wavelength, and then the sensor automatically adjusts to provide the correct measurement at that wavelength."

The PD300RM is available in two models:

PD300RM-UV for irradiance levels 15nW/cm2 – 300mW/cm2

PD300RM-8W for irradiance levels 0.2µW/cm2 – 8W/cm2


The PD300RM Power and Energy Density Sensors are available now. OEM pricing is available on request.

PD300RM data sheet:

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