IO Modules offer power quality testing capabilities.

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Featuring 3 simultaneously sampled channels at 50 kS/sec, NI 9225 300 V analog input module provides high-voltage waveform measurements for testing battery stacks or monitor power quality events. NI 9235 and NI 9236 strain gage modules deliver 8 channels of simultaneously sampled 24-bit quarter-bridge strain gage measurements with sampling rate of 10 kS/sec per channel. LabVIEW graphical programming environment allows engineers to communicate to and read data from modules.

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National Instruments Adds High-Density Strain and High-Voltage Modules to NI CompactDAQ and CompactRIO Hardware

Dec. 9, 2008 - National Instruments today announced the expansion of its C Series data acquisition family with the NI 9225 300 V power measurement module as well as the NI 9235 and NI 9236 eight-channel strain gage measurement modules. These modules are supported on NI C Series-based devices including the NI CompactDAQ plug-and-play data acquisition system, NI CompactRIO rugged control and acquisition system and NI Single-Board RIO embedded design devices. These three new modules expand the C Series I/O platform to more than 40 modules and add power quality testing capabilities.

Using the NI 9225 300 V measurement module, engineers now can make high-voltage measurements to test battery stacks or monitor power quality events. The analog input module is designed for high-voltage waveform measurements, such as line-to-neutral as well as line-to-line measurements of 110 V power grids and line-to-neutral measurements of 240 V power grids. The NI 9225 has three simultaneously sampled channels at 50 kS/s for accurate three-phase power metering and power quality measurements such as flicker, harmonics and power factor.

"The application we are developing requires sub-cycle response to changes in voltage and current," said Richard Jennings, president of Jennings Embedded Services, LLC. "Using the NI 9225 measurement module along with the NI 9239 analog input module, LabVIEW and CompactRIO, we easily were able to build a power quality meter with unmatched real-time response, but with all the analysis capabilities of a high-end, off-the-shelf instrument."

The NI 9235 and NI 9236 strain gage modules deliver eight channels of simultaneously sampled 24-bit quarter-bridge strain gage measurements. The channel density and fast sampling rate of 10 kS/s per channel make these modules well-suited for structural health monitoring, dynamic mechanical test and impact test. Engineers can synchronize up to eight modules in an NI CompactDAQ or CompactRIO chassis to create a 64-channel strain measurement system, and synchronize multiple chassis to the same clock or GPS signal for even higher-channel-count or distributed systems.

The intuitive NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment makes it easy for engineers to communicate to and read data from C Series I/O modules. Because of the enhanced software integration with I/O modules, engineers can use the LabVIEW programming environment to develop and deploy code across multiple C Series platforms to fit their specific project needs. They can use the same LabVIEW environment to create a USB data logger with NI CompactDAQ, an industrial control or structural health monitoring system with CompactRIO or an embedded system with NI Single-Board RIO.

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NI 9225 priced* from $1,499; Euros1,349; ¥182,000

NI 9235 priced* from $1,499; Euros1,349; ¥182,000

NI 9236 priced* from $1,499; Euros1,349; ¥182,000

* All prices are subject to change without notice.

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