Intelligent Micro Patterning Enters South America with SF-100 Sale to Universidad de los Andes, Columbia

JANUARY 15, 2008

Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC, St. Petersburg, Florida, announced the sale of an SF-100 system to the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, South America. The SF-100 is a unique, maskless photolithography system that utilizes patented Smart Filter technology, licensed by Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC from the University of South Florida. Smart Filter technology incorporates proprietary, cutting-edge, micro-optical techniques to rapidly project master images directly onto diverse substrate materials, such as quartz, ceramics, and plastics, without the use of photomasks. The main application of this system will be the development of MEMS, NEMs and sensors for agricultural applications.

Dr. Jay Sasserath, the company's Chief Executive officer, stated, "This system sale offers significant opportunities for Intelligent Micro Patterning for a number of reasons. This SF-100 is our first installation in South America. The South American market is a good one for our products, due to their inherent flexibility, cost effectiveness, and ease of use. Additionally, the system purchased by the university will provide a fully automated solution for our customer, allowing them the ability to develop many different types of devices easily and quickly. Finally, the researchers at this university are well known in their field and will provide us with an excellent stepping stone into the South American market."

Professor Alba vila of the Universidad de los Andes, added, "We are looking forward to receiving the SF-100 system from Intelligent Micro Patterning. The SF 100 will be located in the first research clean room facility set up in Colombia. The facility and its infrastructure will trigger the Colombian micro-nano device fabrication program. We know that we can count on Intelligent Micro Patterning to help us and to support our research and scientific activities. Intelligent Micro Patterning participated as a speaker on the second Micro and Nanotechnology Workshop at Andes University August 2007. The SF-100 system delivery will be the next step forward for a close working relationship between our organizations."

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