Insulation Tester also checks continuity.

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MEGGER BMM503 voltage tester can be used for checking polarity in circuits and for point-to-point connectivity. It has instant response buzzer and 7 user selectable thresholds, below which buzzer will sound continuously. Built in intelligent safety system provides additional protection. It includes live circuit warning, safe contract detector, test lockout, default voltmeter and auto discharge. This eliminates damage to instrument and operator.

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New Megger(R) Insulation Tester

Designed to maximize the features that are of real benefit to the electrical contractor or service engineer, the new MEGGER BMM503 triple voltage Insulation/Continuity Tester comes with a unique Instant Response 'ZAP' Buzzer and Intelligent Safety System.

The buzzer, with an instant response 80 times faster than its competitors that can take up to 1 second to respond, has 7 user selectable thresholds, below which the buzzer will sound continuously. The instrument is frequently used for checking for correct polarity in installed circuits and for point-to-point connectivity in servicing where an instant response is vital.

Another unique feature is the product's Intelligent Safety System, designed to provide additional protection, and containing a live circuit warning, safe contract detector, test lockout, default voltmeter and auto discharge. This eliminates damage to the instrument and the operator from being exposed to danger due to occasional mistakes that may occur as a result of tests being performed in time-pressured situations.

The BMM503 is microprocessor controlled, easy to operate, has a large clear backlit display, and ensures outstanding performance. For ultimate reliability it is waterproof and dustproof to IP54 and supplied with a 3-year warranty.

The product has a wide variety of applications for testing electrical installations and gives the electrical contractor a highly functional tool for testing/commissioning fixed installations. Within the service industry it offers a comprehensive range of features in a single unit where the insulation ranges are useful for establishing the integrity of the internal parts such as motors, timers and transformers, while the continuity range can verify the correct earth bonding within areas such as case metalwork.

AVO International's brand names of MULTI-AMP®, BIDDLE, MEGGER, STATES® and METROSONICS® offer the broadest choice of products in the industry, providing testing solutions in some of the most critical maintenance areas including cable fault locating, protective relay testing and on-line monitoring of substation apparatus. The company has manufacturing sites in Dallas, Texas; Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and Dover, England, and sales and technical support offices in the US, Canada, and worldwide.

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