Innovative & Ecological: LNS Presents New Chip Disposal and Coolant Management Systems

Optimizing productivity, reducing energy consumption: The Swiss LNS Group, world market leader in automating machine-tools, introduces the innovative chip conveyor Turbo MH250 and the high pressure coolant system PowerStream VP. And there are more innovations to come: The One-Stop-Shop for the machine tool industry will showcase bar feeder novelties at the machine tool world exhibition EMO in Hannover from 19 to 24 September 2011.

Orvin (Switzerland) - Innovations in the spotlight: The Swiss LNS Group, world market leader in machine-tool peripherals with headquarters in Orvin and eight production facilities around the globe introduces novelties in the chip disposal and coolant management (CCM) sector. "With the new CCM products, our research and development teams achieved two key goals: Optimizing the efficiency of the whole production process and at the same considerably reducing energy consumption. That cuts costs for our customers and protects the environment", explains LNS BU Europe CEO Gilbert Lile.

Smart: Turbo MH250

The patent pending Turbo MH250 chip conveyor is unique on the CCM market: "There is no comparative product", says Jamie Towers, Global Product Manager CCM. Unlike most of the other conveyors, the Turbo MH250 operates with only one motor and belt, filtering all chip types and shapes as well as all kind of materials. The energy consumption has been cut down by 50%, making it one of the most environment friendly filtering conveyors on the market. Towers: "The self-cleaning conveyor does not only save energy, it also saves time: In a specific case one of our clients had to carry out maintenance on his existing conveyors - including extracting and cleaning conveyors and tank - every six weeks. Now he only has to do it once every year."

Due to its versatility, ease of maintenance, energy efficiency and the reduction of down times, the Turbo MH250 is a very cost-effective solution. "We did not re-invent the wheel. In the innovation process, it's all about being smart: We optimized the strength, improved the design and reliability while not significantly increasing costs", explains Towers. It is easy to upgrade the existing Turbo MH500 to a new Turbo MH250.

New high pressure coolant system

Another LNS innovation launched on the market is the PowerStream VP high pressure coolant system (HPC). "With the PowerStream VP, we complete our HPC product range and reinforce LNS' position as the One-Stop-Shop for the machine tool industry", explains Towers. Optimizing productivity, cutting energy consumption and increasing user friendliness were the key targets while developing the PowerStream VP. The innovative plug-and-play unit allows programmable variable pressure outputs, making the product highly flexible and energy efficient. By constantly monitoring the pressure output and regulating the speed of the motor, the PowerStream VP only uses the minimum amount of power to reach the desired pressure. Towers: "The system does not create excess flow which wastes energy and creates excess heat. In tests, customers were able to reduce energy consumption by more than 70%."

The stand alone unit can deliver up to 140 bar of filtered coolant. A user friendly touch screen allows the operator to control the pressure, coolant level, power consumption, and to individually assign pressures to outputs.

Air filtration concepts

With the recent acquisition of the Italian air filtration specialist Fox IFS, LNS made another step into green technologies, complementing the existing CCM product range and bringing environmentally conscious solutions to the customers.

EMO Hannover: presenting new LNS bar feeders

At the machine tool world exhibition EMO in Hannover from 19 to 24 September 2011, the LNS Group will introduce innovative bar feeders to the market. The successor of the Express 332 series will combine the best elements of the Sprint and Express series and convince with improved rigidity and flexibility. "We redesigned the Express 332 from the ground up, but kept its philosophy and all the features that made this bar feeder so successful", says Carlos Muniz, LNS Global Product Manager Bar Feed. Other CE compliant bar feeders that will be available right after EMO are the Alpha ST 320 S2 and the entry level solution Alpha SL 65 S.

Legend: Saving energy and time: The versatile Turbo MH250 chip conveyor is unique on the market

Legend: LNS' new high pressure coolant system PowerStream VP is user friendly, effective and energy efficient.

Legend: Air filtration solutions: With the purchase of Fox IFS, LNS made another step into green technologies.

About LNS Group: LNS was founded in 1973; the LNS Group was established in 2000. It has more than 600 employees and eight production facilities located in North America, the UK, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy and Switzerland. To this day, more than 120'000 bar feeders have been installed by LNS. In addition to bar feeders, the LNS group produces and distributes chip conveyors, coolant systems and other peripherals for the machine-tool industry. From the start to the finish of the production cycle, the LNS Group optimizes the material flow. More information at

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