Industrial Manufacturer Lovejoy, Inc. Reveals New Technologies in its Sintered Solutions Division

Downers Grove, Ill.-September 29, 2008- Lovejoy, Inc., the international leader in the power transmission marketplace, is pleased to announce several new advances in its Lovejoy Sintered Solutions (LSS) powder metal division. The new technologies include two new presses, a new "green machining" process and two brand new tools-the CNC lathe and the vertical machining center.

"There are many exciting things in the works here at Lovejoy. We have, and are continuing to add to, a lot of equipment and processes that allow us to take on projects that other manufacturers can't," says Bret Viant, Powder Metal Operations and Engineering Manger.

Lovejoy Sintered Solutions is on target to add a second 1,000-ton press that will be operational in November. The manufacturer will also begin construction on a 700-ton press in 2009. All Lovejoy presses are computer numerical controlled (CNC), which allows for the pressing of very complicated geometries that cannot be achieved with the more conventional mechanical compacting presses. Using CNC technology also allows the manufacturer to specialize in low-to-medium-volume projects.

"We've pressed a spur gear to 7.45 g/cc density using a single press with warm dye compaction. We're leading the industry in reaching 7.88 g/cc," says Viant. "We're hoping to reach that goal by targeting high-density complex components in the low-to-medium-volume range."

Another goal of Lovejoy is to find more opportunities to use its innovative new Green machining manufacturing process, which they have successfully trialed. It involves machining a part before it enters the sintering furnace. This type of machining provides long-lasting tool life and allows the manufacturer to reclaim and recycle the scrap powder to reuse in the machining process. The process lessens the manufacturing impact on the environment, as it requires fewer lubricants and other consumables. In addition to having a positive environmental effect, it reduces the overall costs of manufacturing.

"Not a lot of people in the powder metal industry are researching green machining because it's a very time and resource intensive process," says Viant. "We've made an investment in this great technology and we're ready to sit down with customers to determine the best way to incorporate it into their manufacturing."

Lovejoy Sintered Solutions also recently purchased two new tools-a CNC lathe and a vertical machining center. Both tools will help the manufacturer provide customers with fully finished products. With the help of these new tools, they are moving away from hard grinding and toward hard turning. These new technologies make it possible to machine the product after it is heat-treated, in its hardened state. As a result, the process is streamlined and costs are lowered.

Driving these new technologies and processes is the Lovejoy Sintered Solutions team. Collectively this group of engineers has more than 50 years of experience in everything from powder metal manufacturing to automotive engineering. The team also has years of hands-on experience, which they apply to their designs. They take the same approach when working with customers, as they work very closely with them to design products, engineer down costs, and provide consultation and education.

About Lovejoy Sintered Solutions

Lovejoy Sintered Solutions produces powder metal components that are relied on and preferred in thousands of powder metal applications worldwide. Staffed with some of the world's foremost authorities in powder metal particulates and coatings, Lovejoy strives to improve quality, enhance performance and save costs for a variety of applications.

Lovejoy Sintered Solutions is a business unit of Lovejoy, Inc.-the premier supplier of flexible shaft couplings and other power transmission components. Lovejoy, Inc is certified under the ISO-9001:2000 International Standards for Quality Management and its corporate offices are located at 2655 Wisconsin Ave. Downers Grove, IL 60515, USA. For more information, visit Phone 630-852-0500; fax 630-852-2120; email inquiries


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