Industrial Gigabit Switch meets mission critical certifications.

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In addition to UL 508 and Class I Division 2 for operation in hazardous environments, HMG-628GE-CDU supports 10/100/1000T Ethernet ports and 2 dual-mode SFP ports that incorporate Digital Monitoring Interface technology to allow real-time access to device operating parameters. Switch also features network management functions and redundant self-recovery mechanism (less than 10 ms on full load) while supporting Dual Homing and Ring Coupling to promote further reliability.

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Ethernet Direct Announces Powerful Industrial Gigabit Switch HMG-628GE-CDU Compliant with Mission Critical Certifications

Taipei, Taiwan - Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, announces an extremely powerful Industrial gigabit switch, HMG-628GE-CDU, which is especially designed for mission critical applications and hazardous locations. HMG-628GE-CDU complies with Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) 508 and Class I Division 2 for operation in hazardous environments.

Hazardous environments are defined by the National Electrical Code as those areas where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases or vapor, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable substances. Electronic products must meet certain requirements and obtain special certifications in order to be used in these environments.

UL 508 is a safety standard for industrial control equipment and it covers the requirements for devices rated 1500 volts or less, products intended for use in an ambient temperature specifically indicated for use in other conditions and industrial control panels that are as assemblies of industrial control devices and other devices associated with the control of motor operated and the related industrial equipment.

Ethernet Direct, the emerging leader in Industrial Ethernet arena is now shipping flagship product HMG-628GE-CDU. The switch support 10/100/1000T Ethernet ports and dual mode two small form pluggable ports that incorporate the new Digital Monitoring Interface (DMI) technology to allow real-time access to device operating parameters. SFP supporting DMI is capable of real time monitoring of RX received optical power, TX output power, Laser Bias current, temperature, supply voltage & wavelength. HMG-628GE-CDU provides redundant self-recovery mechanism in less than 10ms on full load which allows you to establish a redundant Ethernet network to build a back-up ring topology. Dual Homing and Ring Coupling are supported to add reliability by allowing a device to be connected to be network by way of two independent connection points.

Passing strict regulatory approvals mean that HMG-628GE-CDU come with a special rugged hardware design not found in typical industrial switches. The terminal block in these switches provide dual power inputs (12~48VDC and 18~30 VAC) with reverse polarity protection, 4000 VDC EFT and 8000 VDC ESD protection. In terms of software features, these switches boast powerful network management functions including SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, Quality of Service, Class of Service, IGMP, Snooping, LACP, DHCP, VLAN, RMON, Port Trunk, Port Mirror, User Authentication and IP Security.

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