Induction Heating Power Supplies range from 2-25 kW.

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With output frequency range of 40-400 kHz, UltraHeat W Series accommodates wide range of loads. Output circuit is designed to automatically tune to parameters of load, optimizing output performance. Units are suitable for heat treating, bonding, annealing, and hardening as well as brazing, sealing, soldering, tempering, and shrink fitting.

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Advanced Line of Power Supplies for Induction Heating Applications is Introduced

Ultraflex Power Technologies, Inc. is one of North America's leading designers and manufactures of induction heating and casting machines. The Ultraflex team is devoted to the design and manufacturing of power electronic products used in a variety of induction heating and power conversion appliances. Ultraflex Power Technologies has introduced a new line of induction heating power supplies, called the UltraHeat W series.

Induction power supplies are primary components of any induction heating system. Induction heating is a process of generating heat by inducing currents in conductive materials. This process is much more efficient and controllable than conventional heating methods, such flame or conductive heating; these methods lose a large amount of energy to heat radiation.

The unique features of the W Series power supplies are: the wide output frequency range, 40 to 400 kHz (first in the market and unsurpassed by any other induction heating equipment manufacturer), and the capability of the generators' output to accommodate a wide range of loads. The output circuit is designed to automatically tune to the parameters of the load, providing maximum efficiency and optimized output performance.

Mr. Ray Ariss, VP of Sales at Inductronix Inc. stated "These power supplies give us exceptional flexibility in tuning to almost any type of coil or load material we have tried it with. By utilizing one of the Ultraflex's W-Series power supplies we cover the performance of three different models offered by other induction power supplies manufacturers. It makes it much easier for us since we don't have to stock and work with all these different power supplies"

Mr. Mario Metodiev, President of Ultraflex Power Technologies, Inc. commented "These versatile and reliable power supplies are specifically designed to be utilized by Induction heating solution providers, offering a flexible and reliable alternative to the costly or outdated custom power supplies used by many companies".

Available in models from 2kW to 25kW, and frequency range from 40 to 400kHz, the W Series Generators are ideal for heat treating, bonding, annealing, hardening, brazing, sealing, melting, crystal growing, soldering, tempering, shrink fitting, and many more.

Ultraflex Power Technologies with its ISO-9001 certified design and manufacturing facilities in USA and Bulgaria, the company has the talent and the best available technology necessary to support its customer base. Our Technical Support Team takes pride in providing excellent support and assistance for our customers and partners. All our products are designed with a focus on high quality, reliability and ease of use of the equipment. For more information contact: ULTRAFLEX POWER TECHNOLOGIES (UPT) 154-1 Remington Blvd. Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, Ph: 631-467-6814, Fax: 631-980-4065, E-mail:, or visit our website at,

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