Individually Configurable Screen View - HERMLE Integrates The Home Screen

The HOME screen enables the individual configuration of key screen contents. Especially in combination with the software options HACS & HIMS.

The HOME screen can be used with both HEIDENHAIN and SIEMENS controls and will be integrated as standard for all HERMLE models by the summer at no extra charge. Operating comfort and the use of information tools, such as HIMS for multi-machine operation, are, in particular, key to ensuring the machining centers are fit for efficient application.

With the HERMLE HOME screen, essential information is centralized within a single interface that is set up individually by the operator. In combination with HACS, order-relevant information can also be displayed on the HOME screen. Other machines with HIMS functions can also be displayed. This provides the operator with a central overview and captures key information in one place. Therefore, productivity, particularly for multi-machine operations, increases significantly.

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